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WATCH: Floyd Mayweather loads $5 Million cash into the back of his car

Floyd Mayweather loading bags of money into his SUV for the Grand Opening of his Strip Club

  • Yes you offloaded that Mcgregor so load the bunches in tha SUV to califonia

  • any1 with e match pliz send me on 0774102898

  • Opening a strip club? Money and hedonism eish

  • manyuchi should take notes from Floyd ,,,,nomater how big is his name when he is in the ring he does what he is paid for unlike manyuchi wekutamba ndombolo in front of a opponent #fodya

  • black people..eish

  • He is not serious

  • Very very very very very old old old old old old old news.

    • Very true wangu OLD OLD. THIS VIDEO WATCHED it LONG TIME AGO. Nehanda they lied there. Shame

  • Sweet money

  • and McGregor find another business get beaten and became rich overnight

  • Ndikunzwe fut uchiti hee sir vane bag kuZim

  • Welcome back baba

  • Be aware the devil is roaring like hungry lion seeking to devour Mayweather.

  • What wrong with Internet banking I thought Americans they are far ahead

    • Strip club girls accept cash

    • Internet banking is only encouraged in countries with a cash crisis,kkkkk

    • True Chipo ,

    • They do both.

    • They say he is illiterate so can’t use the computer. 😂

    • U guys? Wat about internet banking? The guy has loads of money in the bank and the fact that he’s a gambler he always want hard cash. And besides vane ma SAFE anotoda kuiswa cash. Chimbowona programme inonzi My Cribs yaanobuditswa ari mumba make achikuratidzai everything in his house then u wil respect this guy.

  • Mumwe munhu 5 million ini apa handina kana bond muhomwe. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Zvoda akadhaurwa na McGregor ,,, n he has to learn from Mike tyson he went broke

  • What a bharanzi. Is this really necessary

    • Ndozvinoita Mari mface wangu uchazviona ukaitawo mari

    • Chibharanzi full stop

    • Ndeyake.rega aite zvaanoda nayo

    • Thats America for u.Those hu have it carry it.Hachisi chibharanzi asi kuti iripo

    • Check his intagram profile uwone inonzi mari.The guy is loaded kwete zvana nhingi vaya vekuno vanohumana

    • Wati achazviita kana aita mari?asi Eco cash yave nemari;)

    • You clearly don’t know what happens at the strip club. Ndichauendesa

    • Unoziva zvechibharanzi APA HAUNA CASH

    • Iripo wangu iwe akaita 5waya hanti unofamba kana ne waya muhomwe uri bharanzi here? Uyu is a multi multi millionaire 5 million haana pressure nayo kusiyana kwemalevels wangu usamuise pamabhambi

    • hahahaha ndiwe bharanzi

    • He’s not dull,Paparazzi is always after every he’s moves.5million is nothing to Floyd its a drop in the ocean if you know wat l mean. After all he deserves it 50fight 50wins 28 knock outs! No boxer in the world has managed that feet in boxing history.

    • Chine mari chimu face ichi musarwadziwe

  • Wat a lie.5 mil inoiswa mumota yoshambadzwa kudai

    • yes he walks around with a million dollars evrywr he goes, u can check his page or his interviews

    • Shaz Kumbi vanhu ava vanenge vari heavily armed and gen’a rinenge riri tii

  • Where does one apply to when they want to challenge for a boxing match?I think I can also challenge one of the top boxers and get out of it very rich.Like Mcgregor did for himself,, very very clever indeed.

    • Haangorwe nevanhu vese vese u hv to prove urself uyine certified records kwete kungomuka uchiti Floyd lets fight,McGregor is undefeated in MMA and he’s a rich bastard already

    • You are right Jerry but Mcgregor is not undefeated. Akatomborohwa kuMMA kwake ikoko futi but he is a big name yes

    • Ah ma1 nhaiwe Jose chibhakera chinorwadza asekuru.Unodya mari yacho nemuseredzero

  • Crazy Floyd

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  • Wht Kind off a lie is tht which country can allow individual to hav a lot off money like $5million cash I yu crazy

    • Cz ur taking it from Zim perspective..remember USD is from USA so ririko

    • I remember holding more than 100 trillion

      Don’t yu

    • Ana Bhenjameni moziveiko moti zvamorambidzwa kutora mari yenyu neZanu naikoko inotonga here

    • Its not a lie in a wel function economy you can withdraw any amount of cash you want as long as ur account has those figures

    • I once had $500 trillion in my satchel and no one arrested me in Zimbabwe!!! Why would he be arrested if he has the.US$ in America. Ask your big chefs how much they carry in their cars!!!!

  • Havatye matsotsi here?? Vanhu ava

  • Sir wickinero are you seeing the money team

  • Strip cluboooooooooo this idiotoo

  • Tora cash

  • Tatenda Churchill Saunyama huya uone mabhoyi ako.

  • zvemari manje

  • ba tenzen honai 😂

  • Legal drug money

  • 5m ndeyake iyo,haina chainotichinja zvatiri.Sent better stories pliz

  • Fake

  • matanga manje. mikosho

  • Kkkkkkkk

  • Ngaauye kumusha nayo mufana wepa Gokwe uyo Floyd

  • Mukana

  • Make it rain in the strip club. Purpose of cash!

  • Zvakarongekaa…jealous down

  • Joseph Mpha Mkandawire

  • kkkkkkkkkk


  • Won money atove agent yaSatan zveStrip club nemabasa erima ashaya mamwe mabusiness here njere dzakagara mumavoko

  • You die my friend!!

  • Pane paakazoti he owes Africa nothing ndikati ehh ma1 anzI uchambobatsira here varikushaya mu Africa

  • Jerry Hazard Messi Chamisa

  • Kkk kutya matsotsi? Hv u seen his body guards? He’s the richest Athlete in the world per year he gets $350million check Forbes

  • If u wer listening after the fight when he was announcing he’s retirement from boxing he said,”l hv made millions and millions now am close to a billion if not a billion.

  • Cr7,Messi,Le Bron James,Strive Masiiwa mobatanidza networth yavo haisvike pana Floyd

  • The only person who is close to Him is David Beckham,Jay Z and the late Michael Jordan ndiwo mazita anotaurwa kana makuda kutaura nezva Floyd

  • Siyai ayite zvaanoita necash yake he deserves it 50/50 perfect record and money on top he’s last words in a boxing match was,”Am Blessed l thank God.”

  • Floyd is Ghost from the series “Power”….and Mcgregor is Tommy…wake up guys!

  • Thts wr the problem lies…this boy is I disciplined….but is tht strip club story true?

  • May the good Lord help Mayweather with a good vision how to manage so much money than being a satanic agent and splushing his money on Strip club. We all like and support you. Find another better bussiness than kufadza Satan

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  • tarlielar

    Old staff

  • Kuita dzungu kunge kamuzezuru kabve Hwedza kuzoita Hwindi muMbare