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“I will never vote for a Zezuru President in 2018” – Temba Mliswa (VIDEO)

Former Zanu PF provincial chairman and now Norton independent MP Temba Mliswa says he will never vote for a Zezuru president in 2018.

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  • Mliswa is not a Zimbabwe surname , he must go back to Malawi.

  • Themba Mliswa is a tribalist

  • Bye bye to Parliament come 2018

  • Iwe ziva zvauri uwant to cause problems

    • Already he has proved kut he is on Garwe’side

  • Mliswa kkk

  • uri mwana wemusanganiswa

  • Ichokwadi nhayi

  • Among the candidate list who is a zezuru by tribe

  • Tribalist

  • But u speak the language

  • Who cares?

  • Don’t be a tribalist

  • He needs to grow first, he is not yet matured in politics

  • He is not a uniter! An opportunistic political parasite that needs to be fumigated out of Zimbabwe’s 21st century political arena. How can Zimbabwe heal with Nearnthatals like this one still roaming in our parliament. Hope there can be a youth to challenge his seat!

  • Yes it’s time for us vakaranga we don’t want all the political posts to be dominated by the zezurus only

  • VaChihuri sungai vanhu vanotaura Zvinhu zvinogona kukonzeresa mhirizhonga Munyika😜

  • Politics doesn’t work on tribal grounds. Mliswa it’s your democratic right to vote for your own president

    • You must not be zimbabwean if u think our politics doesnt work on tribal grounds..didnt you shonas vow and swear by your dead grabdmothers that zimbabwe will neva ruled by a ndebele prsident

    • Politics is a game of numbers – the majority wins. …… being a Zimbabwean or not not doesn’t change the fact

  • Go to Rwanda you may learn better how politics based on tribal lines destroys

  • who asked for your opinion you tribalist idiot

  • Go hang

  • Kanahanyanani makambo uyasei makauraya mashona muchitora vakadzi nezvipfuyo zvedu asiiko zvino makutimamira nevarungu makango fanana kwatiri mashona makango svika musvikiro mumweyo makuda kutengesa nyika neshuga sezvakaitwa nasekuru venyu nxaaaaaaaa Mliswa

  • Tribalist

  • Blessed Ndiweni

    its really so disgusting! in his sickness he even excludes other tribes ie Ndebele, Tonga, Nambya, Kalanga and the rest #tribalistmustfall- no place for such crap.

  • Baba vebenzi havana mfaro,,,, RIP Evangelist Chiweshe

  • Who is mliswa and he can shove his vote up his bum


  • Hapana ane ice cream here apo

  • Anotokanganwa kuti mazezuru ndoakawanda kuzim

  • Truth be told.The guy says the truth.Sekeramai,Grace and Chihurj are eyeing the presidency.

  • Stupid tribalist Nxaa why deepening the cracks that are already there?..

  • I think most of ya are missing the point,he is talking bout certain individuals

  • Vote for a ndebele bt u will regret it after

  • He is stupid

  • Maiswa wacho murudziiko

  • Kumhata kwako why not come to south africa where your forefathers ran away from us during the boer trekker and see if you will have peace you are such a sadistic pathetic ashole . You ganged up together with zezurus and chased us now you are barking up the wrong tree monkey

    • Haha u also work at transnet….not too suprising lol. I believe the term is PAMHATA

  • We have never had a zezuru president lkkkkkkkk

  • Anotaurisa mhani uyu

  • You are a donkey with no tail my dear!

  • Shona is Shona. Zezuru, Karanga and Manyika are all Shonas and are all guilty of destroying our once beautiful country. When the 5th brigade was assembled, the first requisite was; all recruits had to n Shona. There was no Zezuru, Karanga or Manyika. All Shonas are guilty of ruining the country, period!!

    • as long as u still have that barbaric view on shonas then u shld know very well you will never taste tht leadership position

    • Who wants to leader a ruin like dZimbabwe? Ndebeles are more ambitious than that.

    • Dude enjoy your ndebele blinkers. A Shona like me will always be a brother to any tribe that likes to coexist. You seem to be the first unambitious ndebele I’ve known on this platform. I have plenty ndebele friends & trust me their vision of the world is an intelligent one.

    • we ruined our country.hw about u.ur country kzn

    • What an idiot

    • We are just Zimbabweans period…the time you split ple that’s where you miss it.if I may ask…dont we have ndebele ministers ,MPs ,governors ,mayors .,what did they do to develop their areas..we as Zimbabweans are to blame.

    • once a shona alwayz a shona izinja imgodoyi yabantu

    • The fucken dogs amashona kwavotela izanu kwamosha Ilizwe ,vele what can u expect from people who eat rats,they think like amagundwane

    • hey kwanele.why u are so tribalistic.this country is for Zimbabweans not for amatshona or amandebele.we are all Zimbabweans.

    • am always wondering abt the ndebeles like u kwanele,it seems u do not think.this country is for the shona that is why it is called Zimbabwe a shona name not a ndebele name.ndebelez we dont want 2 tell u the truth.remember u came from South Africa.all those ndebelez who claim to be the ndebele whilst have their surname drived from animals like sibanda ,ncube,nkomo,nyoni.etc are shonas who changed their (ibongo)names into ndebele one inoder to add more population to the ndebele tribe.remember also kwanele that if u did history like me at xool that this country was for moyo people.thas why u have the moyo people in ndebele which u have failed to change that name into ndebele one.the pure ndebele people are very few in matebeleland the rest are Hole-the ndebele shona tribe,not pure ndebele from Zululand like u kwanele.

    • Narrow minded tribalists. If y do have hate on other Zimbabwean, go hang yourself. Instead of thriving to think collectively what to do to better our country, y are thinking of hating some1…
      Go ahead & be rich then!

  • Bhuru pfeee

  • Confused

  • Waakupenga temba. Uri mwana wepfambi ithink

  • Nonsense

  • Shona ,Zezuru or no Zezuru ,Zimbabwe will be led by someone who’s got the will to bring us together and beyond ,,

  • Tribalist asshole .

  • bobsled

    A country as broken as ours can hardly afford the ruinous luxury of tribal politics. If there is anything we learned from Gukurahundi it is that tribal politics is what politicians do when they have come to the end of their shelf-life.

  • Vhoti yako izuda kunesu machinja

  • Tribalist go hang

  • Who z he? Parasite

  • Kkkkkkk is he mad? What is miliswa’s vote among millions zezulus.
    …do you think a person with narrow reasoning capacity can one day rule Zimbabwe …never…i rest my case.

    • murwere wepfungwa Mliswa uyu,a legislator who talks nonsense

    • Taurai henyu vakuru ivo vanomutevera vakamboita sei….brain havana vakuru ivava

    • 0ng0r0ra chik0nzer0 chaita mus0rm uteme

  • Kkkk you have issues bro get over yourself

  • Who asked you?

  • Kuda relevance

  • he has an agenda of dividing people l wonder why papers give him airtime

  • Mliswa u are still Zanu minded my friend
    Ndaiti uru fair and i was with u all this way hmmmm iyi yawakutaura ndaishaya iyi
    Yemarudzi siyana nayo tivake nyika yaurawa ne first family and friends ,fullstop
    Ukadaro towirirana
    Plus apa wato prover kut u are on Mnangagwa’side nxaaa hauna dhiri Themba

  • Its unprofessional to the public same applies to Gushungo who publicly said Khalangas are the ones who causes havoc in could be true that he won’t vote but some facts don’t need to be addressed in public


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  • Kapei ice cream kachiri kamwana

  • Mhata

  • mwana wehure, munhu asina rudzi, why are you so divisive and what do you think your one vote costs, leave politics umboenda kunotsvaga baba vako, musatanyoko

  • Mxm uya bora.#tribalism_and_xenophobic_must_fall.A Zim is a Zim guys.

  • Mliswa uri mbudzi, tribalist.

  • Big fooooooooooooollllllll

  • Kuhukura kwembwa hakumisi chitima kufamba Mr Mliswa

  • Am surprised there are people listening to Mliswa

  • Regedza

  • Such people should never hold public office, it’s a shame for an adult to think like this!!! Honestly does any one think people of a certain tribe are all the same in executing their duties??? Primitive thinking!!! I feel pity for those who voted for this lumpen!!

  • Muchatongwa nemazezuru kusvika mai vapopota.

  • uyini vele yena uMliswa..

  • Tribalist par excellence!!!

  • Why would he say so.He was a Zanu;but why is he changing mind today.Is Zimbabwe a country of a certain group or for all people living in it.Greedily leaders; poor leadership will change minds of people. I can’t be a citizen who votes only but you are not allowed to be a leader.

  • Pfutsek!…

  • Andayihleka lekaka lena ayikwazi nesingezi. Uya pamhana lona.

  • Kkkkk here we go again, the fool can’t take a step back to calculate statistically who voted him into parliament

  • this is tribalism…Temba!! asi chii nhai

  • Kuhukura kweka mbwanana akutadzisi nzou kufamba kkkkkkk move to somewhere else ucharamba uchingotangwa nemazezuru kusvika watomama

  • We don’t care whether u vote or not choka ukoooo

  • The zezuru were campaigning for u to win Norton seat now makanganwa magarika

  • Lami angivoteli swina

  • Luhlanya lwepolitic

  • vamwe vaiimba wani kuti unconquerable saka ariright in his own way

  • pliz dont tel us what yu are going to do we not inrested its your secret we also have our candidates and its our secret. how long have yu been with the zezurus now they kick yu out and yu now hate them

  • Themba Mliswa,wena ungumhlobo bani?

  • One dangerous idiot

  • who cares Norton voters made a grave mistake by putting a comedian in power

  • Satan urikuudza ani ipapa

  • Ndezvako enda unomamaiwe kana basa ne vote yako hapana anokumanikidza iwe

  • Showing how unthoughtful some pple are

  • Ok.

  • Mliswa u are silly ,stupid and shallow minded

  • mliswa uuu its nt a zim surname ….wabvakure

  • he must jus shut up……