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Coalitions do not work in Zimbabwe – Temba Mliswa

Former Zanu PF provincial chairman and now Norton independent MP Temba Mliswa says coalitions do not work in Zimbabwe.

  • Tseki,p political prostitute

  • We’re snd when did you experience a coalition before. You better speak about how to stop bond notes that speaking about how coalition cant work

  • Shut up Temba you negativity is not welcome


  • Dzine mavato idzi ngadzinyarare

  • Temba you are correct. Adding zeros never adds to 0,5 kkkkkkkk.

  • Opposition in Zim is not serious at all but jus a bunch of self serving pricks(Themba except u) they barked Zanu Pf extravagance when Benz C350 till GNU, when they themselves got C350s & BT 50 they became obvlivious of common Zimbabweans’ woes & looted stands in Chitungwiza. So coalitions of thieves & womanisers bodo.

  • Shut the hell up themba otherwise u r a political prostitute from karoi to norton next gwanda

  • Have u ever seen a faithful politician? Every african politian must be corrupt ,kill and rule

  • but it was a bit better when Mugabe and Tswangurai worked together in 2009

  • It’s your brain which doesn’t work, we are currently enjoying bcoz of the 1987 unity accord

  • Dog


  • If know it doesnt work y dont u come up with a beter strategy? Zimbwa remunhu!

    • You….are not politician. Life will never be the same because kana uchiti imbwa yemunhu kana munhu aripa Stem ….Command agriculture akuona Zanu pf ichigona ….iwe kana usina kuwana munda kana kuwana stand kana kudzidza ne Stem support MDC ichakupa

  • Mdc t
    Mdc m
    Mdc n
    Not coallitions it was one party so its a group of old boys getting back together

  • It will never work

  • Why not working bcz the leaders of all those parties are too selfish and have too much hatred and also pride. Vanozviziva kuti vakabatana pachokwadi zvinoita but vanonyangirana

  • Get away you know nothing shutup zanupf

  • stupid THEMBA

  • Temba is very soon going to see that makandiwa is not God. I bet, norton seat haariwane iro. he is forgetting that he fooled vanhu vemdc t vakamubatsira now ave kuona seanodiwa stereki

    • Makapusa…..who doesnt know execept fools that Mliswa and and loosing candidate were under hidden agenda

  • True

  • He is the Julius Malema of zimbabwe. He is n politics for fame n money

  • This is very TRUE !! What is needed,is a spiritually solution.Someone,who is strong spiritually.Politics is spiritual.A very good example to those who read the Word of God,Moses tried to do it physically when he killed the Egyptian to free his people but he failed and had to run,,,,and returned after he ha talked with God at the burning bush,he was now spiritually strong and led hjs people to freedom.That’s what is needed in Zimbabwe.

  • 0+0 equall to Zero …we want to correct previous post Mliswa is not a ZANU PF by paper now maybe his DNA can be. But take heed coalition i doubt Zanu pf forever

  • politics ndozvadzinoita.just to put blame on one another.isu vanhu nokupusa tovotera anenge achishonha nokutsoropodza vamwe achiti ini chete ndichakuitirai zvese.sevanhu vekunorton vakavhotera Themba Mliswa.zivai kt kukambena uku kri kuitwa naThemba hapana zviripo apa.