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Fikile Mbalula comments on Grace Mugabe alleged assault charges – (VIDEO)

  • Ok

  • You are behind with your update
    Do your research properly SA agreed on diplomatic immunity

  • Siyayi mai vedu imi

  • This mbalula is now grace spokesman

  • Talk about marikana if you want justice and leave amai alone do you have something better to talk about…

  • Wakasara idzi dza munya news sadza ranezuro

  • Stale News!!!! You two days behind

  • 2 days behind

  • Are you on this planet admin

  • assault gbh ma 20 mari faindi ayo..

  • Your updates are jus full of confusion admin ndaifunga kut its only ZBC but makangofanana

  • Propaganda

  • Hooo

  • Minister do not lie to the public. You have allowed that woman to go back to Zimbabwe

  • LIES MBALULA IS JUS FOOLING SAs,the interpol must come and grab this Devil we don’t need it in our ruined country mnnxxm.wat a splendid country destroyed by these Mugabes who Ar not even Zimbabweans

    • hey u how many people u have killed u South Africans.we saw people killed,burnt and skinned alive during the time of ur ritual which u term xenophobia but we didnt complain.we are wondering today u are complain abt this minor matter person who was discipline is equivalent to thousands of people who lost their lives? nxaaa shame on you South Africa.

  • Nhema hadzityisi muchaita mabp nekuda kwekuvenga umwe munhu

  • To long to charge her