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Corrupt Zimbabwean Police VS Angry Citizens – WATCH!!

  • It has now reached a level that is outrageous, might as well not have police 😂

  • This shows how our police has lost the sixth sense of professionalism why fear being taken a video when you are excuting your duty in the rightful manner. Only in this corrupt country where you find police fearing kutorwa video it shows that there are sinister elements at play. Munhu anoenda kuroadblock achitofunga kuraiser mari yemota from Japan kikikiklkikki cry my beloved country

  • Zrp traffic has failed
    Vakaregeregwa nevanhu in the first place now they actually threaten for bribes in day light , bt tables will turn one day

  • Keep up Bro’s

  • There is so many things said about this thugs so called police so many empty talks and it’s got worse this is a declaration of silent war against the innocent citizens
    This will carry on till the peoples say enough is enough to this thugs

  • Sometimes isusuwo members of the public we ar to blame like in ths vedio where is corruption and do we really kno the meaning of ths word. He is sayng mukusunga varungu nevanhu vemabenz do u really thnk a reasonable person can het any corrupt activity frm that sentence. Lets capture where the real act is taking place for us to be taken serious. Arguing with a police officer fully knowing u committed the said offence is nit corruption. Why not face facts as they are record where the officer is being corrupt that cn only hpn ifur not corrupt as well. To be honest panoitika corruption hapana argument inoitika coz its done by two willing hrts and hapana kana time yekurecorder. Blaz ava vanyatsobuda pachena hanzi jst want to play with them. So where ar we going???

  • There is no corruption on this video if you commit a crime just abide by the law zvekuda kuonererwa ndozvineyi what’s so special about a U.K. licence u can always get a replacement when u loose one not all the Zim police are corrupt

    • Asi urimupurisa or hama yeone wacho most of them are corrupt shamwari

  • Its Hunger!!

  • give him.his licence….

  • Kkkjj

  • Corruption inoitwa ne vanhu two

  • Nhodza

    Nxa. Uri katsvina. He will die broke but you will burn in hell for your arrogance.