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WATCH: Kuda Musasiwa talks about MDC Alliance Coalition, Khupe attack and Zimbabwe politics

  • Who s he?

  • tee cee

    i agree on the vids it looks like those who were said to have come from Harare were the one being beaten coz the guys who were shouting that thy shld be beaten were saying so in ndevele language,wch makes it difficult to conclude who did beat who.

  • tee cee

    tht tete rasta hapana chavataura their APA agenda dsnt make much sense cz bulk of them stay abroad

  • sm wannabe gangsta rapper tibvireipo imi

  • Remember guys that in politics its a dirt game. Its true that MDC T can rescue Zimbabwe from this economical hardship the country is facing. The common enemy that always divide the opposition is not sleeping but working very hard in putting thorns in the path of the MDC not to move forward.. I got faith in Tsvangirai as the only genuine political leader whom must be supported in order to reclaim our country from this gross incompetent government. Pamberi naSave. Tsvangirai muOffice 2018 chete chete.

  • STILL watching kuda correction 1…prof Ncube was the ist s.g of the mdc,biti bcame the 2nd one