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Youths disrupt Thokozani Khupe meeting in Bulawayo – VIDEO

Youths disrupt Thokozani Khupe meeting in Bulawayo – VIDEO

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  • Kasi mari yavakuuya from the donors?

  • There must be a reason

  • There must be a reason

  • Aiita meeting yei ega vamwe warikuRally?

  • Thokozani is smoking marijuana, its clear that she is playing a tribal card.

    • tee cee

      yu can say tht again izvo zvekut shona ndevele

  • sasa hako samazs kuda kuoma msoroo ana khupe……

  • Musangano wei vari ku coalition gathering.I smell rats here

  • Thats what we call stage management. Whilst being beaten the victims had an opportunity to film the skirmishes at the same time crying for help. For the past 4 years Thoko was playing her own game. In order to scuttle the Coalition this group came up with a plan and they invited those youths to dramatize.

    • tee cee

      i share the same sentiment wth yu,i gree

  • Another reason not to vote MDC T.

  • Tswangirayi must expell this whore and company she is no good to the party i tell you….

  • This was a planed event this ppl they are together

  • Youths beaten hard in Bulawayo. #Kwaaks

  • Greedy Thokozani