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Tsvangirai press conference after violent attack on VP Khupe – VIDEO

  • Tttamai khupe apa makutadza kufunga ko mogoneta sei masvika dnt be arrogant shuwa nekwamabva makuda kutanga zvenyu mega nabhebhe avo sei murigreed coalition is about everyone pasina zvekut kwakati thnk twice before u sink

  • Khupe said…she do politics for money

  • I still maintain Tsvangirai is the problem . It means he did not consult with all his colleagues about this coalition. THEY Should have met before and made a consensus about the decision to be taken considering the povo sentiments who are backing this alliance

  • The irony of Welshman Ncube watching events from Harare in 2017 couldn’t escape me in contrast to the reverse positions in 2005 when Khuphe was watching from Harare… Kikiki.

  • MDC definitely is a ZANU replica,divergent views do not warrant violence,especially in societies whereby women are killed every hour just because they are women.It astonishes me to read about a senior MDC official hwende embracing violence. Zim is a sick society.

  • Fire fighting? I said it and I will repeat I shudder to think how they are going to coexist

  • Khupe was given money by Zanu pf. $15 billion is being used to steal elections. Khupe must stop this.

    • Nonsense

    • We say as it is. Are you sincere to your senses if you believe that as they were being beaten by the so called youths, they had an opportunity to film the skirmishes. Some of these things you need to apply scientific reasoning. Do you know what is stage management.

  • Gwanyabvu

    What is that salute Chamatama is giving on this picture?

  • It looks like MDC T is not distancing itself from this violence. Now what is TSVANGIRAI’s agenda to address this political barbarism Surely precise and strong action is needed by the party to cleanse itself from mirroring zanoids. What ever assumption people may have about Khupe this violent act is a scar on the face of the party. The violence is in itself a show case of failed internal discipline. Am I correct to think that MDC T just like zanoids have both the green bombers organs in their bodies. Soon these internal green bombers will be on the necks of the new coalition signatories as voices of democracy engage in shaping a future Zimbabwe 🇿🇼. Something need to be addressed and Tsvangirai has to act

  • Zimbabwe will never be a colony again kkkkk kanyika kamai chemera …bereka mwana tiende