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Mnangagwa comments on Grace Mugabe’s succession statement after question from Chamisa

Emmerson Mnangagwa responds to Nelson Chamisa’s question on Grace Mugabe’s succession statement – Zimbabwe parliament

  • Here is what l think….Mugabe is a master of his game..he is the one who has created all this drama…and he Loves it so much when big man like munangagwa goes to him to beg for forgiveness…. Its all scripted… My question is what’s stopping those in ZANU PF to say enough is enough ?? Why is it a 95year old man is still a president of a country??..If the opposition does not mobilise….this is their chance once and for all… one will vote for ZANU …no one!!!

  • If this Mnangagwa wasn’t drunk then he’s a tormented soul indeed!

    • He’s response was seasoned and very professional. For the first time he spoke with resonance.

  • He said nothing

  • But y should they be concerned , instead of focusing on bread & butter issues !

  • Asking about other party’ s bizness? Yenzokwakho baba!

  • 😂😂😂… well answered

  • ED MNANGAGWA panyanga pfeeeee

  • Deion Duff