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WATCH: Zimbabwe traffic police and tout in brawl

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  • Panashe

    arwadziwa chimusiyaiwo

  • Aaah vakuru zvinhu zvakaoma ndikati shande shande ndokuonaiwo yaah tinenge tichingotendererawo zvedu unongobhaizawo kutiza kana vationa

  • The author clearly doesn’t know what “BRAWL” means.

  • do u know what the word brawl means?? fuck you mhani… nxaa. Rubbish

  • Brawl lol

  • MkanyaGP

    They seem to have not informed him of why he has been arrested, nor informed him of his rights, hence they are infringing on his rights. But what more can we expect from these police officers? Its nothing new.

  • Reporter is an idiot ndoda ma data angu after you define Brawl