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Zanu PF created 2 jobs since 2013 – Chamisa (VIDEO)

  • Which ones?

  • Zanu created 2jobs for simba and bona

  • Bribery and cruelty

  • I hope you were honest with yourself mr honourable vice president

  • Kkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkk 2 here vakomana

  • Api acho

  • Rasimba nera bona.kkkkkkk

  • Hayas

  • Garabha

    Chamisa is brewing blue lies. Governments do not create jobs. To be fair to ZANU PF, it created a conducive environment for informal sector jobs due to Land redisribution programme and the Indigenisation Act (self reliance), but the MDCT is myopic. This is the bitter truth MDCT cannot swallow, The opposition in Zimbabwe do not have brains of their own on how to turn around the economy except dreaming of a white man somewhere in Europe to do everything for them (inferiority complex syndrome), Come 2018, i will be voting for ZANU PF period. I want leaders who stand on their own feet. What is the logic of voting for a political party that will eventually handover authority to foreign states?