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People like Psychology Maziwisa need rehab to detox stupidity – Rufaro Kaseke (VIDEO)

  • Spot on that moron need detox.

  • Who is ds Rufaro Kaseke,kungwarira pa duzvi se nhunzi

  • Very very true.

  • Shuwa iyoyo

  • Thats very true #Rufaro

  • That bumbo boy is now confused just like chipanga .

  • Wat is painful is tt people of Highfield west vote 4 such

  • Taura hako,ndosaka Bob vachiti ndotonga nyika kusvika ndafa.kana tine vamoririri vakaita semfana uya better atonge zvake.


  • Psychology is suffering from Zanutitis, a very contagious disease…!!!

  • Iduzvi mfes uyu,dhodhi,he is enjoying his last,days,as an mp

  • Sorry to offend any of us on social media please let us stop insulting because no one is good in this whole world when a story is posted they are some who are enjoying your frustrations that’s why they post these post so sometimes instead of reacting to sadness we should at least thank the Lord for some people in our lives coz if it was not of them maybe we would be dead by now but instead we are strong tday may the Lord have mercy on all of us goodnite

    • Jerry

      The private media holds a story which the opposition political parties (MDCT), are arguing for a law which makes the public immune from prosecution for insulting the head of State. As such we can conclude that those who are posting (vulgar words) on this fora are either send or encouraged by the MDCT.

  • Maziwisa is a heap of faeces!

  • once read nigga is gay or smethibg

  • is he stll alive mazivisa, he has survived the harsh times of his poor Zimbabwe of his uncle Mugabe, atleast he knows how they wi toss the coin in 2018

  • Vladimir Nazarov

    uri right but

    haha, this guy Kaseke is a huge joke, Can you just
    stop. What ever school you went to, i know you were taught
    “summary”…please make use of that skill….