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Psychology Maziwisa gives the WORST excuse ever for Zanu PF breaking election PROMISE – VIDEO

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  • Idiot if i ws near hm or in the room i wd goin to wrestle hm dnt play with 15m ppl

  • He really needs a psychologist

  • & some people still support people like him 😳

  • He is an idiotic bootlicker..and he expects your vote to remain MP ..

    • He likes to bend over for a paycheck. So he is Gay for pay if ya know what i mean.

  • Somebody punch this monkey in the face, look how stupid he looks after saying the most dumbest thing, well coming from a ZANU PF member it’s daily bread for them. What a load of kak. How does such a douchebag be named psychology lol. There is nothing mind related about him. Zimbabwe youthiz for show

  • tf did I just watch ?? πŸ˜’

  • Who has ever heard anything meaningful coming from a homosexual.

    • I get your point but please don’t demean homosexuals in such a manner…..hate begates hate bro….don’t hate tolerate….if you are real man what does it matter to you what two consenting male adults do in private……

    • zanu pf has spun the whole of Zimbabwe into a conundrum by foisting the notion that the west has some gay agenda for the country….they have got a lot of people to choose sides using this issue alone…despite the blatant fact that the public know of many queers in zanu pf itself…let’s drop the bullshit…I am a man who expects to live to about 75 years at least…prosper in the country of my birth with my family…I don’t give a shit what two adults do in private…simple test…give a man a thousand dollars to look the other way when he sees two men being intimate…what would most do…we are not God…homosexuals will get their time before the almighty…there is one help for all who and poor…black and white…straight and gay…

    • Its pathetic in God’s eyes. Homosexuals are outcasts. They deserve nothing in life. They are as good as the dead.

    • No to Homosexuality…its demonic…but it doesnt mean w shld hate ,them but rather hate their works as we giv them a chance to repent.We need to pray,preach,warn,counsel in love and let God deal with them

    • No to ngochani

    • ndokutsigira ipapo#NoToGays zim is not a Sodom and Gomorah

  • Who has ever heard anything meaningful coming from a homosexual.

  • Lets unite and remove these fools

  • He is a moron

  • The people who where in this room honestly were supposed to beat the hell out of this fool nxaa and if anyone have a relative still supporting these morons they must take him or her to a mental specialist

  • psychology?

  • Dumb ignomarus.Nonsense!!!!

  • You can fool people sometimes but you can’t fool the people all the time

  • basically what he is saying is…duck you loosers…I’ve got mine…

  • This country is led by Comedians…

  • if our country is led by comedians then who are we ???

  • what do you expect kumunhu asina kuvhoterwa hanty kuti ahwine the highfield east seat it’s because the opposition boycotted ma elections ikoko,bvaa contesta ega,ahwina akapa chembere 0ne 1 macandles se thank you

  • I blame the idiot fools who still vote Zanu pf

  • akwane uyu

  • Obviously he’s got psychological problems

    • Its why he belongs in that G40 faction.A bunch of Gay Gangsters.

  • Ndi MP weku fiyo or uzumba maramba pfungwa

  • Fucken hell hanzi of I give you my clothes to wash and I pay you it’s part of the 2million jobs promised and after all this madness you will find people going to vote zanu pf asi chii nhayi

  • Psychologically gay is what he is

  • Brutal Truth

    Everytime this silly cunt opens its mouth obnoxious discharge of a nauseating nature oozes out.

  • Psychotic. Nxa

  • Too young to support the Zany party

  • The only rightminded person in that syndicate is mzembe,

    • Mzembi is a Fake Engineer pretending to be a moderate.

  • This guy needs mental check up….

  • You can see his face he looks semunhu ane down syndrome so expect anything from these fools

  • Shut up Psychopath Maziwisa. You are either a complete nut head or mentally deranged.

  • Jekesa

    Mazivisa is right on point. Literally the definition of a job does distinguish between formal or informal one. The audience is simply anti ZANU PF. You wonder whether the opposition in Zimbabwe listens or they are simply rabblerousers.

  • I can’t quite figure out who is a bigger dandahead, this switch hitter Maziwisa or Muperekedzi!

  • Chingochani chava kuaffector brain

  • Vote that gay out of parliament,he is a moron and an ass licker who is midguided.

  • Rather childish

  • ZANU PF the best award winners for telling all the lies

  • Saikoro

  • A top range idiot.

  • From politician to stand-up comedian…

  • That’s what you must expect when you have a GAY as your MP most of the time he will be in his Monthly Periods (diarrhoea monthly period for gays)

  • It is time!

  • This was funny thou

  • What I know is if I was in that session, by now I would be at Remand Prison awaiting trial for either Grievous Bodily Harm

  • Kungonyarara kurinani

  • Tanaka Munyoro. Come hear this

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚don’t kill me like this

  • Unendoro11

    This is a psychological case

  • tee cee

    imbwa blaz uyu

  • u see the arrogance ye zanu pf ndizvo zvinoita kana musha uxhitongwa nevakwegura vazukuru vanoonekwa nekyshaya hunhu pavanhu and sekuru havana chavanoona nekuti vakwegura