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The Vote Splitting Myth and Stupid political elites – Kuda Musasiwa (VIDEO)

  • This boy is Zanu.

  • Why is Zanu adamant that these last minute candidates are not here to split votes

  • Its not a myth but a reality,here in Zimbabwe during elections period we have fly by night people sent by Zanupf to form dubious political grouping with a mission to cause mayhem and confusion in the Opposition camp so that Zanupf remains in power.After elections with Zanupf having won these Zanupf formed groups disappear in thin air only to mushroom again in the next elections.

  • Who is he? He needs to be schooled on what a myth is

  • Ndiko kacampaign manager kaFadzi Mahere.

  • Why didnt the Bitis and them contest to win back their seats ?

  • Msatanyoko