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MDC-T developing a lazy culture – Dr Noah Manyika (VIDEO)

  • true colors coming out

  • U will all expose yourselves one by one

  • Manyika is another Opposition politician created by Zanupf to fight the MDC,to divide the Opposition vote.

  • Ko Zve MDC zvapinda papi apo

  • Another Zanupf…born, bred and educated by PF. What else do we expect from such a person

  • Seems everyone is aganist the mdc now only shows one thing

  • Kutanga party kuti atsoropodze MDC T. It shows who he is working for.

  • Idiot..Are you fighting MDC or Zanu pf? MDC is not ruling Zimbabwe. Whenever these newly manufactured parties starts attacking other opposition parties , it becomes obvious who are the production managers behind these small gatherings.

  • manyika urimhata