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CORRUPT ZIM POLICE – Man’s fine increases from $20 to $50 after refusing to pay bribe (VIDEO)

  • This was staged.They are all acting these people.The guy saying he is willing to pay $50 will soon be rolling nana Pastor E Mawarire.This short video was an introduction

  • This guy is an attention seeker I will like to give credit to the officers for their proffessionalsim

    • And he got it credit to him

    • I don’t know If I can call it professionalism Apa they are being recorded and believe me I saw the same act pa 22 miles from City of Mutare. Chakabvondoka they kept cool like nothing happened. I was in the car.

  • …where is the evidence? Why did he not get the officer arrested for demanding a bribe? Please report factually…

    • who will arrest them musango munongomera maroad blocks saka wovaudza kuti ndakudzokera kucamp kunoreporter kuti moda bribe is that practical

    • As a matter of fact, it is quite practical. There is no need to be seized with the penchant for instant justice…the arm of the law is long.
      So, what good did he derive out of this act of recording the police who had arrested him for talking on his mobile phone while driving? Why did he accept to pay a fine of $50 and not the stipulated $20? Open your eyes and listen to that which has not been said. Not all the police are corrupt. (Not defending them in any way, though)

    • Usaita seusina kubhadhara chioko muhomwe Iwe.U talk to much crap.Everybody knows how these policemen have become nuisance

  • Haiwa

  • I know one of the officers from Mutare for his notoriety in sourcing corrupt money from minibuses around Xmas Pass and Nyanga. .Nehanda Radio please can you please identify the victims in that video so that they can recover their money. I am happy to send them $50.00 because they have tried to challenge these corrupt officers .

  • He offered to pay more. Stupid man

    • cc

      hamasive here masaskam epaharare izvo busy kuti ndikubuda pa social media!!!!!!!!!!!!!