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SHOCK as Zanu PF youth leader insults Soul Jah Love at “boring” rally – VIDEO

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  • Clarence Mherekumombe

  • For the why

  • πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

  • Haa andibhowa blaz uyu

  • Munorohwa,munoti zvima vote zvenyu zvinoshamisira πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Bambo itai mushe iwe uri chiii!

  • Pedro Gorosviba

    Ko iye aitsvageiko?

  • Kkkkkkkk

  • Fokoro

    Uku ndokunonzi kushaya chaiko, haana brain blaz uyu that’s why achi supporter Mugabe.

  • little did they know people attended to see soul jahlove free of charge not the so called rallyπŸ˜‚

  • Haaaaaaaa

  • Soulja love ndiye atovingwa ipapo.

  • Saka unoti ndiyani anovhotera vanhu vakadai hahaha idzi ikatsi dzevanhu idzi

  • dako rako iwe youthies

  • Stupid Zanu pf bullies that was totally uncalled for

  • this man was ok coz soja aifanira kuimba president vave kubuda plus after vote of thanks plus kuimba kwacho haagone futi magitare acho haagone kuridza futi

  • ko souja love aita sei futi kkkkkk

  • this man was ok coz soja aifanira kuimba president vave kubuda plus after vote of thanks plus kuimba kwacho haagone futi magitare acho haagone kuridza futi

  • this man was ok coz soja aifanira kuimba president vave kubuda plus after vote of thanks plus kuimba kwacho haagone futi magitare acho haagone kuridza futi

  • Vanhu ve ZANUPF ma satanist kani, apa vanenge vamanikidza vanhu vacho kuuya ku rally ikoko— atleast People love ther Musicians; little did they know

  • kkkkkk iye angaachitsvagei ikoko, azoudzwa chokwadi

  • Zvizoregwa

  • Lol πŸ˜‚ hakuna kujairirwa kunopfura apa

  • Zvichiitirwei #fortheWHY

  • iye aendeere chii ikoko

  • zvinowanikwa kana uchinge wapinda pamamonya ipapo

  • Sol Jah Lov got what he deserves. What was he doing there?

  • Matuzvi

  • Hanty anozviti anomira pamamonya ipapo. Ngamire pamamonya ipapo.

  • Come 2018 they would regret

  • He is an idiot learning politics

  • Kkkkk achinyanya anga achitsvagei ikokoπŸ˜‚ iye asiri chinhu.

  • Aaaaah dude u crazy ,u got issues nasoul jah love

  • #Respect Soul jah love

  • Ndizvo zvaanogona mazivanhu ezanu, kutyisidzira vanhu

  • Kkkk hanzi naJah love musanyeberwe handiridze kuNERA,hezvo poooo

  • Zanu imboko dzevanhu

  • vashaya kwekupedzera shungi bullies vanhu vane miswe mucha mhanya mirai muone. zim 1 wheel chair makatenga muchasvinura riini honai kwezvakusvika

  • Zanu soooπŸ˜….Haina kurongeka

  • only in Zimbabwe a 40yr old wth 4 children is called a youth.

  • next time usaende so ja

  • Mdara iyeye kunzi youth shuwa varoyi variko

  • Vanhu vanga vavinga kuzonzwa mwana wa stembeni kwete nadhodhi e Zanu pf aya- like this fool

  • Paitwa chidofo apa

  • The life of a house-fedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Daniel Chinyani Tafadzwa Manhungo Donald VaJena Mtendereki Mukanya Va Dauya Solo Masanga

    • LOL Jah love vanga vafadza chaunga. Hahaha ma rally eku ZANU of akuita kunge assembly yepa PE

    • Tafadzwa Manhungo saka ukuti apa souljah love ndi Simon Marange


  • Jah Love apa amama bigtym

  • Pakaitwa chiduzvi apo

  • Rega zvipondwe zvimugunduru hanzi ndiri chibaba now dressed down in public. Vachinyanya dzungu ana Jah Love vanozviita veZANU kana vaputa mbanje, vakupikira misikanzwa yavo next chairman.

  • Mira unzwe song manje manje kkkkk

  • Jah Love did nothing wrong. He was preparing to go on stage then the fans started cheering him up. Then the so called “boss” a bully dressed him down. This has happened several times eg One Million Men March they talk to us as if we are grade ones. But today I simply stood up and walked away. By 7pm I was already in Harare. Thug leadership is bad for the party and these are the people who engage in violence coz of their crippled mentality. Respecting your supporters is needed or maybe the so called leadership don’t even know public relations shame…..

    • So u had gone to Mutare for the rally from Hre??

    • Yes yes true.

    • I’m surprised you are only finding this appalling. This is the modus operandi of these comrades. Ask Mai Mujuru how, a mother and a V.P was dressed down like a teenager across the length and breadth of the country. God help us.

    • Jah love afarirwa kudarika President ndikoko pamamonya ipapo

    • Tashinga Emmanuel Mafemba, did you really drive all the way from Harare to Mutare for the rally?? That’s very surprising-
      The dressing down of mwana wa Stembeni wat wat didn’t surprise me, they always do that anyway, it’s ZANU pf. But wat I still don’t understand is the comrade who drove from Hre to Mutare for the rally😜

    • His a ZANU pf member angatadza nei uye pamwe anechidanho

    • Aaaaa kkkkkkk harare to mutare..aaaa imi chii chaizvo chine kamudhara aka ..chinoita kuti munhu aende kwamutare kuno witness Internet cafe

    • Definitely I had to travel i am who I am (though unknown and I don’t desire to be known) becoz of Zanu Pf. As an ordinary citizen and not a Zanu PF member as alleged, I got a farm, benefitted from command agriculture, tractor and some few things for free with no hussles. Had no stand and I registered with no time I was allocated one. These things I got freely without chanting slogans or attending Zanu Pf meetings and I didn’t have Zanu Pf links. At 26 years I can’t complain……..

    • It makes sense, you are one of the very few fortunate citizens-who benefited and possibly stil benefiting from the current system. It’s a no-brainer that the majority of people are suffering coz of the regime.Needless to say since ZANU PF made you- u didn’t give it a thought whether or not to travel for 300ks for the rally- it was pretty obvious. But at the end u say you are not a ZANU pf supporter and u don’t have any links it’s unbelievabl.Who says that!!Comrade you shouldn’t be ashamed of being a Zanu pf supporter- you should stand for wat yu believe in if it’s right in your seems to me that you know very well that the junta is destroying the country and is bad for everything but you can’t divorce it- it’s like that old fashioned woman who endures extreme hardship and abuse in her marriage but can’t divorce the husband achiti ndogarira vana vangu.

    • Well said Sir Mwachande. I was fortunate indeed. I support some of the Zanu Pf policies especially the empowerment. Majority of people are suffering thats true and I am one of them. Roads in my area have potholes, I use FBC Bank but there is no cash, I also buy things from ordinary supermarkets (expensive). Water and electricity cuts i encounter everyday. Harassments by ZRP i encounter too. What the majority is experiencing I am also in. Why I say I am not a Zanu PF member is that I have never voted in Zimbabwe and I don’t have plans to vote in the near future. Supporting Zanu Pf using the mouth or fb doesn’t help but ballot box does. Thanks for the great analysis

  • No to bullying

  • Jah ngaasiyane neZanu period.

  • Sure aitsvagei,achiri kubvuma kushandiswa!!!

  • Jah love ndimwari wako mboko yeZanu

  • Mwana vaStembeni haasi chinhu, but #zvaazvinhu, they know havo kuti atobatsira pawande chaunga.

  • Apotsa arohwa neshamhu dza Comic Pastor . 😎😎😎😎

  • When these dictators get out of power I know for sure what I will be doing….zero progress, basa rekuda kutyisa vanhu, what has been achieved by these thugs. An insult to great leaders who have walked this earth

  • Anotwo .vakadaidzwa ne mamwe ma party havabvume regai zvitukwe .

  • Mbavha

  • akamama aitsvakeiko

  • kumami.. pamamonya ipapo.ungamudii ane chipo chake

  • Mupfana akaitwa kupururwa hembe pamberi papresdent kkkkkkk

  • Ndiyani ko youth leader wacho anonzi ani? Jah love z more popular than the guy.

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  • Akatukwa Plus Mafans Eakatukwa Makanzwa Mushe. Maitsvakeiko

  • Mapenzi aya

  • Hanzi Soul Jah love hachisi chinhu. …

  • Soul Jah love aimamira pamaZanu pf ipapo

  • Aitsvaga mbiri mfana uyu soul jah luv is a true zanu member

  • ko imi we news ndochete zvamakaona ku Rally uko here

  • For the why

  • kikik ha ku sizwa uku

  • Bullying must fall

  • The main reason why people went there is to saw jah luv not them

  • Mazanu aya ondigara dare

  • Jkkk hqnz mugabe woye

  • anaSamanyika ange anoona Mwana waStembeni kwete ana mupakatsine eZanu ba.ndini ndadaro huyai mundione paSakubva Musika wehuku….

  • iwe youth leader atikuzive asi mwana wastembeni tomuziva souljah love

  • jah love ndiye akaunganidza chaunga.

  • Funny he was insulting the guy people had come to see.

  • How old is the youth leader by the way?,same age as the french president i guess.

  • Innocent is now the talk of the town

  • What matters is jah love will sing in 2018 and him will be in rural areas sellings oranges

    • Nothing bad by selling oranges, ingawani ndozvirikuku ramisai Ku south Africa kwamuri uko

    • u didnt gt the point,for a person like him it will b like a shame bcoz he is not used to do so,lastly im nt in south africa and i havent sell fruits in my life

  • mwana wa Stembeni

  • Inga ndakti usaende wani soul jah love haumunze

  • str8Talk yadigg

    Souljah love is the man of the show mothersucker……dai asipo pasina vanhu vese vakukupa manyemwe…..apa makapwanya imba stupid selfish unorganised shitty paty….mxmmmmmm

  • Mboko idzi so

  • Akazama chose kumirawo pamamomya ipapo asi hey akazomira pakutukwa ipapo!
    Kuitwa Conquering nemaBazooka emagaramoyo anochenerusa kuface kunge Skonzi.
    Kana Ngwarati dzinowanzozikanwa nekusangana ne”zviwanikwa”…apa dzinogona kutorova mukendu!!

    • kkkkk vachinyanya kushandiswa mabhulazo ava……..zanu aijaidzi inokushandisa yapenza yorasha hahahahaha

  • kkkkk ”Ndiri chimwe chinhu chakachinjwa kuita Gucci,Pasina nyuchi inini ndiri huchi” Soul jah Love-Mwari ndovatenda…

  • ahh kupi ikoko the fact yekuti murimese means ndezvenyu murI 2

  • Kerb chaka

    The guy is an idiot and bootlicker. Chibaba was a guest and ukaona musha unotukwa vaenzi hausi musha.

  • That guy is just an idiot imboko papazi too much vanhu vakatowuyira soul jah Love kuRally.

  • Jar love chibaba chiya mhata dzenyu vanhu ve ZANU newe Brighton zariro uri duzvi

  • Anohwa duzvi mdara uyo

    Kuda kuwana kupiwa mbeu

  • He who decides to play with wolves should not complain kana akadyiwa

  • Hatichanyatsoziva kuti chaunga chakateverA ani ku rally

  • Soul Jah love deserve such treatment, infact he likes it!Why did he agree to perform for the Satanic party conferences

  • The youth leader and sol jah what are idiots, attending a mugabe rally at this era? Anyway it was an idiots’s gathering.

  • Troder

    Nice song by jah love …# Handisi chinhu but ndiri zvinhu ….