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Is Mugabe On Wheelchair? Mugabe’s Hair Cut Making Waves in Zimbabwe – Adeola Fayehun

Is Mugabe On Wheelchair? Mugabe’s Hair Cut Making Waves In Zimbabwe – Adeola Fayehun

  • … Is Mugabe alive???

  • Half dead

  • Eish

  • l don’t like it wen foreingners criticise our president. He is our president so let us criticise him not you.

    • For sure bra

    • yah very true on that one bathandizinto behlulwa ngokwabo

    • Mugabe has became everyone’s problem because Zimbabweans are now living as refuges all over the world.

      • captain dugaz

        you can’t have a neighbour making fun of your parent no matter what ……If you encourage it then ummm chidofo chacho maone

    • kkkkkkkkkkk

    • Ko ivo maNigerians scattered all over the world are they being ruled by Mugabe? Ironically they are also everyone’s problem wherever they go

  • Winken Gonzo talk for yourself dude,dont say our.He is your president(private limited).Who died and made you the mouthpiece of 13 million oppressed Zimbabweans??

  • It’s his turn now guys

  • nothing fun about Mugabe’s hair cut awuhloniphi if it was your father bewuzobukisa ngaye lana kufacebook that’s bullshit

    • he is old finish,

    • nkosi she must focus on boko haram kidnapping and raping little girls whom up to now some haven’t been rescued! …. only zimbos r allowed to criticise mugabe!

  • Ndiani akamugera

  • Social media hamunyare here na president wenyu kuita zvinhu zvinonyadzisa kudaro ndiwo president wenyu iwawo kusvika mati hamusati matanga big up president R.G.Mugabe’s President

  • This idiot lady. Whats so funny about being old. As far as i know a person is free to choose a hair style that he or she wants and there is nothing funny about that. Mugabe is a Zimbabwean president so let Zimbabweans decided on his future as a president not you filthy painted face. You also have political problems in your country so deal with those problems first. Aaaa this kid what a shame, are there no elders in your village who can teach you how to respect other people

  • Gorereza ungabvawatiwo ” let Zimbabweans DECIDED on his future”. Kkkkkkkkk tabvatangoonawo level yako yefundo.

    • Kkkkkk saka waona kuti iripapi level yefundo yangu. Ungatukirwa vabereki nemwana wepa next door zvikaita here chero iwe uchiziva kuti you are not in good books nemubereki wako

  • zororai murugare va….

  • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Why people make lots of fun over my very old man??

  • Why nt.h z alive 4 gd

  • wat so fun about haircut and its our culture u idiot

  • wat so fun about haircut and its our culture u idiot

  • wat so fun about haircut and its our culture u idiot

  • wat so fun about haircut and its our culture u idiot

  • wat so fun about haircut and its our culture u idiot

  • and is also yo President shorayi and if they ask u who is yo president wat answer a u going to tell? its only our economic hardship but a president remains a president no matter wat Mudonzwo musharu haupotse nzira shamwari


  • Yes we may differ in our Zimbabwe politics but that does not mean we have to tease the president over his old age or his inability to walk. Why not pray for the old age and above all he is the president of our country nomatter the manner he got into power or try to maintain it?

    • Ask yourself why pple vilify Mugabe in old age but didn’t do so to Mandela? People reap what they sow…

    • Will praying for old age bring food on our tables or cash in th banks or the promised 2million jobs???

    • KKKKKK but finally all is like chasing the wind. Neither mocking him nor respecting will make him leave office.
      I think we are better off quite than talking about him.

    • Msunukanyoko lopresident wakho

    • kkkkk ah zvipiko the only wrds I can say in a prayer for mugabe is baba zorodzai mwana wenyu atinyanyira ….

  • Kkkkkk mdra uyo syanai naye tomirira nguw yamwari

  • Aaaaaah why doesn’t he just leave. ? That’s why people are making fun of him

  • Mwari ndiye muiti wezvese

  • I agree with you king.

  • Munhu mukuru anoita kwashi here

  • captain dugaz

    boko haram raping girls killing ple left ryt and centre and this good for nothing loud mouth laughing at an elder coz of a mere hair cut ……idiot nxaaa

  • akufamba akagara ane kamusoro banga kakuwira mukati yet have hope in him to hell with all zanu pf supporters you guys have failed the future for your stupid selfish reason unonzwa hanzi ndakapinda what about your brother and sister uda kunzi ndiwe its about time kudzidza kwamunoti takaita maku prover poor zimbos

  • Ukhulu Ugele Intswiiiii

  • Bvanyangu

    The funny thing is, when he is praised, he is an African statesman but when he is criticised ZANU PF wants only Zimbos to do it. The whole of Africa Nigerians included should be able to criticise any African statesman as we are one.