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Dokora defends “Goat School Fees” – WATCH

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  • Yha Admin tell him not to forget defending Islamic lessons at at our Zim Schools too.

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  • Am I the only person who sees that Dokora looks like a Goat?

  • dokora azotinetsa vachatodzadza kudzidza nekuswera vari kujana.

  • Idiot.

  • People the minister is not saying parents should goats or cattle to school as form of payment but he said parents should sell livestocks and pay the money to schools

    • Where do you get the buyers when even the remaining few who are working can’t access their little hard earned wages.

    • Saka nhai va Mkumbuzi vana vorega here kuenda kuchikoro imboendai kwa mereki munoona kuti nyama inogochewa sei ikoko to show that mombe or mbudzi are on demand

    • Zvekutengesa livestock is it something new….zvaingoitwa kubva way back…hapana zvaarikutaura Dokora uyo….hatichina chekutengesa coz takadzipedza pamakatidzinga mabasa mauraya nyika

    • Uri dako nhai

    • Sell and get what as payment munyika musina mari?

    • Selling livestock to raise fees is what a number of parents have always been doing. Sadly, this is not what the minister initially suggested. His initial idea was that the shortage of currency that is bedeviling the country could be side-stepped by using livestock in a barter-trade kind of arrangement between parents and school authorities. He is now backtracking, of course, on what he had suggested without giving a very good thought.

    • Hi tari if he said so then it’s something else otherwise I was replying basing on the video clip where he said parents should sell livestocks

    • Nonsense not every has livestock.Vamwe havana,thats stupid of him.kana vakundikana ngavabve.We have never heard of this b4.We should not accept nonsense all the time.No to Rubbish !

    • saka akutiudzira zvekutengesa here. akambotanga kutaura zvekuty ma schools should accept goats as fees payment method

    • You are just like dokora ndiyani asinga zive kuti unokwanisa kutengesa zvipfuyo wo wana mari for everything don’t defend that fool

    • Kkkkk dats wats most parents do dey sell deya valuable in order to sent their children to skul

    • Simbarashe Mande kkkk usatuka pliz ane benzi nderake bla bla bla

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  • Yes Dr, the alternative is for you, your 93 year old president and his entire government to set Zimbabwe free by leaving office ASAP. That will enable Zimbabweans to elect into office, a competent, responsible and accountable administration that will not take the country to a lifestyle that is synonymous with the Old Stone Age, while we are in the midst of the 21st Century.

  • He looks like a ‘Pongo’ meaning he goat

  • dokora muroi chaiyw

  • Give children free education reason being that they don’t have anything to do with the economy downfall.

  • Mbiti yemunhu

  • These are the moments when pple unknowingly prove that the education/degrees that they display on the walls are fakes. .. the minister has no slightest idea , parents have been doing this for so long but now our parents are so poor they no longer have the mombez and goats to sell…l remember very well zvakatanga nana mukoma vachiri ku hondo zvainzi “gandanga haridye dere” saka motouraya huku kana mbudzi! Huku nembudzi zvikapera…. come independence all benefits for zanu chete…saka all these years out parents have been using zvipfuyo to support the family needs…havachisina …that’s why they can’t pay school fees!!! It’s not that hard to understand vaDofora….

  • Dokora uri imbwa chaiyo


  • The minister s head is full of shit ,

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  • You are the 🐐 nezvindebvu zvako

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  • Mujoni takudaidzwa anachikweme pane kunzi makwerekwere

  • Since he is goatee bearded he is dreaming of goats always

  • People are misinterpreting what this guy is saying thats the problem we now have in Zim of people blaming everything that come from zanu pf because they dont like it.I didnt see anything wrong about what the minister say concerning payment of fees.

    • What did he say my dear?

    • You must be smoking something really strong!

    • Another goat. U think most of readers are so stupid like u are?

    • Govt clarifies goats for school fees position
      Apr 20, 2017 | Top Stories | 1 |
      Government has clarified that the buzz around the goat payment as fees is a sign that most Zimbabweans failed to understand the context of the noble cause by the ministry which seeks to clear the parents debts to most schools since government adopted a stance that no school children should be chased away from school for failure to pay fees.

      Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora was recently quoted in the media saying government is formulating a policy framework where parents can settle their children’s fees by using goats as a form of payment triggering a serious backlash from the social media as people took turns to create jokes around the matter.

      Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Dr Sylvia Utete-Masango however told ZBC News that the satire around the whole matter is a sign that people failed to understand the noble concept which could be the answer to schools being owed fees by parents.

      β€œI must say people sometimes tend to laugh off at some serious issues without getting to understand the real meaning of the context behind the proposed policy. Look, a number of parents simply owe these schools and we are simply saying they can provide expertise and set off some of their debts. They can as well look around their environs by selling goats and cattle to set off such debts and it’s no laughing matter as most schools are now incapacitated because of these debts,” he said.

      Since the government adopted the policy that no school children shall be sent away from school as a result of failure to pay school fees, a number of schools are now being owed thousands of dollars making their day-to-day operations very difficult.

      On the progress on the new curriculum which initially faced some serious resistance from churches and some quarters of the society, Dr Utete-Masango says meetings and training of several stakeholders by her ministry and development partners have yielded some positive results in the first quarter of the implementation stage.

      The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has come up with a new curriculum that has seen children as young as four years being adopted in the mainstream education with students in primary education now expected to learn vocational training studies in a bid to identify one’s talent whilst they are still young

    • Before you cast aspersions on Isrome , read this article on the actual position.Do I think it’s the best thing?Definitely not.Why?Because, how did we come here, to this kind of desperation?That said, the fact that this notion has been misconstrued cannot be overlooked.

    • Policy my foot Isrome you must be smoking the same thing that Dokora has been smoking. This minister (Dokora) has been ploughing bull for a very long time, from the new curricular to the “goat” fees, what’s there to like? Absolutely nothing!

    • Zvinhu zvinotonyadzisa izvi kt minister wegvt anotaura nezvekupinyurisa zvipfuyo kubhadhara fees considering kt all these yrs vabereki vaingotengesa zvipfuyo. Iko zvino vasara nezvipfuyo vashoma, vazhinji havasisina. Zvizhinji zvakatengeswawo kt vanhu vawane chikafu. We dnt expect such utterances frm a gvt minister uye zvinotobudisa absolute failure on part the gvt. Zvimwe zvinongoda kunyararwa bcz zvinogona kubudisa kukundikana kwevanenge vachinzi vatungamiri.

    • The minister clarified his position on the so called goat issue.Of which to me nothing is either wrong or unusual according to his explanation.Wellington u seem to have harboured a lot of issues against the minister not the goat issue concept or else u are one of the people who did not understand the minister’s explanation.

    • Mthandazo R Manzi Manzi u must have been a dump person at school because u dont think for yourself u follow the masses

    • Very you think someone with livestock can fail to pay fees? It’s common sense people don’t have anything now.the GVT should make the money economy functional.

    • Isrome ukaona iwe waudzwa namadam kt mumba hamusisina chikafu iwe wovapindura kuti vatengese skirt yavo kt vatenge chikafu, unenge waratidza kukundikana zvikuru kuriritira mhuri kana kuti hutsinye nehudununu ndohunenge hwakazara mumusoro mako. Mashoko akataurwa naDokora ari kutoburitsa ivo nevamwe vavo havasisina zano. Saka vave kt vabereki mukasatoona zvekuita hameno zvenyu nedzidzo yevana venyu. Ivo vaDokora vakamirira vamwe vavo vari kutobvuma kuti vakundikana zvikuru on this issue saka hameno.

    • he is mentally ill dokora he shld not be allowed to lead

    • my brother we are not talking party lines here whether ZANU or what,the bottom line is about the future of our children,if you are happy that ZANU gave you a future,so the same should happen to our children, not everyone has live stock and how does goats benefit the schools,the teachers need payment .Is the government by them in goats?Don’t use politics where it doesn’t fit.If you have nothing to contribute pliz zip your dirt mouth.This issue is stressing us as parents,Grow up and think like a proper educated person.

    • Jabulani Ndlovu this is not the right platform to vent your stress seek help elsewhere sies

    • Forest Isk too much stress is killing u and u are so frustrated to such an extend that u go around insulting people on facebook because u are coward u cant take zanu pf head on.Shouting here is not going to bring change u cowards

    • Muyangeni siya dhobhu mbudzi dzacho dzinozo pfudzwa nani papi ,ngatiti i boarding school the cheapest 300$ fees ,mbudzi 1 $30, mwana one ouya ne 10, vakaita 100 that is 1000 goats,dzinoiswa papi mbudzi dzacho,dzozotengeserwa ani marii ,cost yekudzi chengeta yacho.Azviiti,ini semunhu we Zanu,azviiti

    • Vhuso Jenya my point is u guys didnt not understand the minister’s point with regard to goat currency.Most of u are bringing in a lot of issues that does not have anything to do with wat the minister said.I am not a fan of Zanu pf but people should learn not to mix up issues.

    • Isrome Muyangeni thank you so much

    • Ex plain to us please Mr Isrome coz as far as I know even way before we where born our rural folks used to sell livestock so as to raise fees, so in case iam lost please may kindly elaborate

    • The minister said the same thing according to his explanation.He is the one to answer that question not me

    • Isrome from wat yu saying wakanzwa zvairehwa naMinister pliz tiudzewo wat he meant cuz yu cannot jus say we misunderstood usingatiudze patisina kuhwisisa pacho.

    • He said tengesai zvipfuwo zvenyu muwane mari yekubhadhara mafees

  • This is a goat indeed

  • Mukosho

  • He is on mission, a mission to destroy.

  • give goats to goats

  • I don’t know what has really happened with our ministers..Today he comes and says bull crap about teachers having uniforms, the following day he speaks of goats to be paid as school fees! It seems everything is failing in this country

  • Rangu businesses nderekutengesa madora saka ndobhadharawo nemasaga anguwo school fees nail Minister

  • zvinhu zvagara zvichingoitwa why wasting his energy achitaura zvinhu zvagara zvichingoitwa

  • Gotora Dokora

  • Educated fools. The reason behind this initiative is that we don’t have cash and he’s talking about organising markets.
    Which market if not the same cashless people who will be participating?
    That’s a looting initiative (vapambepfumi) but this time black ones.
    Crazy looters who’re good at putting in place initiatives to continue milking everybody else and live large as if there is nothing wrong with the economy

  • It’s a problem to parents to pay school fees;the truth there is that people don’t have jobs;they don’t have money to pay school fees;Dokora knows that;why don’t he say ;education for free for the poor.Now what he wants is to steal these goats from poor to make them more poor;he must find a better solution;problem is big in Zimbabwe.

  • I think he is from masvingo

    • Kwana. Masvingo yadii zvayo. Hakuna matuzvi akadaro. Zitarake rotomborevei. Mukarushu uyu

  • Tsek imbwa kutambudza vanhu zvisingaperi taneta nemi hutsinye hwega hwega

  • Hey what are these Government ministers smoking up there in Zim? Goats for fees really? What is wrong with our beloved Zim? Chii chaizvo nevanhu ava.

  • Chinhu chimwechete chawakabvuma zvine chihwande Dokora ndechokuti,vanhu havana mari,hakuna mabasa amakavimbisa iyemi semusangano weZanu,uyezve mabond amakatozama kuburitsa hakuna kumabank,zvino mubvunzo unoti ndotengeserani ane mari mbudzi dzangu,tobacco yangu ndane svondo mbiri ndiri muHarare,no money,cotton yangu yaita paGokwe ndoiyendesepi,saka kutouyisa mbudzi kana bhero refodya kana redonje kuchikoro,ndozvamada ,taomerwa senyika

  • unongoona kukura misoro nekupfeka maglasss woti pakadzidzwa nepo chokwadi chakubuda pachena manje zvinosisiririsa varume

  • Achieving good grades at school does not indeed define your intellect this guy is a living proof he is very hamheno kushaya njere ne highest word kunonzii thts him sisie……. Nxaaaaa

  • There I was, thinking he is in office to come up with knowledgeable alternatives. Smh

  • The headmaster together with the SDA/SDCs would love a goat. They have been stealing for quite sometime now. Oh, did you know that David Parirenyetwa asked the Muzarabani community to give some farm produce to health workers. Even Moses in the Bible demanded a Billy goat for redemption of the first child. What’s new?

    • Maxwell don’t be a coward don’t use the bible to display your poor thinking and think like these useless thinking Ministers

  • yaaaah this country. 2018 anobva chete or else anoparadza education systen

  • dofora

  • Defend what! Amanyala LA!

  • It takes more than 17degrees, to think about Gots’ as local currency!

  • The useless Minister ever wat nonsense is he talking abt

  • School is move important

  • This is so embarrassing. This government must just down tools n let somebody with fresh mind n positive ideas take over.

  • That’s why the#Book urges us to pray for those in power and authority.This man has brought negative changes ……

  • Munotinyadzisireiko muchidaro akomana tanzwa nekusekwa kunyika dzevamwe kwatiri. Just listen how funny n strange it sounds ” Goat school fees!” Really guys?

  • Everything about Zim sucks. Bond notes n now goat school fees. Be serious guys.

  • hazi ega munhu uyu…

  • by jus luking at his face yu can tell kuti ibenzi donno hw he got the post

  • When we grew up some parents sold all their livestock to send their children to school. Mothers would make peanut butter and sell it to finance the education of their children.

    In some rural areas, builders would work at the school and transfer their labour charges to school fees. Learners and parents would tend to the school fields in leu of school fees.

    Tanganda tea estates used child labour for those learners who wanted to finance their education. Chibuwe mission was also using the same model.

    While we may want to express shock and disdain at what the minister said, the truth of the matter this has been going on from the days of old.

    As communists we should not just swallow opposition reaction to anything the ruling party government ministers may say.

    Given the current economic situation, is it workable? Do our rural parents have the livestock to barter? In towns, why should the school hire grasscutters when some able bodied parents cannot pay fees? Why should the school General Hands children be send home for not paying fees when it can be deducted from their labour? Is it any different from food for work programs in rural areas?

    The middle east has a ready market for goat meat, my inner greedy-self is already seeing a business opportunity.

    Cold Storage Commission has under-utilized capacity and closed abbatoirs that can be used to process goat meat for export to Arab countries. Zimbabwe has good trade relations with Iran, a major goat meat consumer.

    Again, Juche Idea by Julius Nyerere came up with education with production. What should stop rural schools from raring small livestock as part of Animal Husbandry in agriculture?

    I taught at Nyameni High School in Marondera high density suburb of Nyameni. The school had boiler production year round and they kept sheep and rabbits which they sell at a profit.

    Think for your community first before you put on the opposition jacket.

    Private schools for whites like Lomagundi and Watershed college generate income through crop and animal husbandry. In South Africa its the same, Hoerskools in farming areas are also into commercial farming.

    The goats can be a seed for self sustaining schools for the future communist Zimbabwe.

    Learn to think outside the box. Let me explain more on a few schools making it big in commercial agriculture.

    Daramombe High School, in Chivhu, under headmaster Mujuru, was selling tobacco on the auction floors. The Labour is provided by the poor surrounding villages thus affording their children a descent education. The school had beef and dairy cattle to meet the demands of the children in boarding.

    Lomagundi College asks pupils to being horses as part of learning animal husbandry.

    Watershed College in Marondera also offer its pupil animal and crop husbandry. They sell tobacco at the auction floors.

    In South Africa Hoerskool Wagpos in Brits employ Zimbabweans who take care of its piggery. The school sells porkers. It also runs a dairy and has greenhouses for horticulture and also over 200ha for summer cropping. It also produces cheese and yoghurt.

    If the education system can adjust to the new reality, the same parents can take care of the animals brought to school. Once every month, district auctions for livestock from schools can be done.

    Just like reserve bank is doing with small scale miners, buying their gold, CSC can be revived to go into goat buying and processing the meat for export. I know that it will not be the best but in the meantime it will serve the interests of the poor families.

    The minister can also integrate certificate in Farm management, Certificate in Animal husbandry, Certificate in Crop Husbandry issued by HEXCO. Some schools like Allan Wilson Technical High School offer a Certificate recognised for apprenticeship training after school.

    Zimbabwe is a agro-based economy, if the school curriculum is realigned, this ad hoc measure can be boon if looked at in another way.

  • ndiye anodzitenga here.

  • Crazy

  • Dokora urimbudzi iwe pachezvako ndebvu dzinenge dzechikotora

  • Hapana chaikaipa kana dziripo ngadzitengeswe vana vaende kuchikoro”

  • Not even ashamed to talk rubbish

  • My grandpa used to sell some of his livestock to oay for my schoolfees years back.The only difference this time around we have a clueless regime clutching at straws because of years of mismanaging a once vibrant economy

  • iri harina brain

  • Vana vePrimary School kubva grade 1 kusvikira pagrade 7 vadiyi kuenda kuzvikoro pachena sezvo munyika musina mari.

  • Kana mwakundikana ibvai pachigaro amwe aedzewo azvinyadzisiba asikutoti zemwodekutoitazvo ndozvotonyadzisa kudekunatsekutsvaira zvese zvinevarombo imi muchiitematumbu amutsveruki ngenyi akuru amuguti mari ngeyi musadarobaityai mwari kunga ana acho arikufundezviro kwazvo kusikuru kwacho ngeutsinye hwenyuhwo

  • Kkkkk inga maone

  • Gotora paSkool


  • Food for thought, in some areas there goats which don’t have owners n people sacrificed those ones for either sickness or something to do with rituals now watch out for those minister. Mbudzi dzokurasirwa dzakazara hameno mberi ikoko.

  • Food for thought, in some areas there goats which don’t have owners n people sacrificed those ones for either sickness or something to do with rituals now watch out for those minister. Mbudzi dzokurasirwa dzakazara hameno mberi ikoko.

  • Dokora is a mad man, u can be troubling yourself with this idiot

  • From trillionaires to goats πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • ndebvu dzembudzi dzinoita kuti munhu agaye nezvembudzi chete.

  • Nyika yedu amahumbwe

  • ndokupenga uku chaiko…

  • As for me, my father had to sell some of his cattle for us to finish our Education in 1990. Now in 2017 my brothers and sisters are taking live cattle to the Headmaster for school fees. Are we moving forward or backwards as a Nation? Something is not ok here!

  • Imbudzi oyo inonzi Dofora

  • Iri zirume ndarishairwa muromo

  • Dununu dokora

  • The minister wants to reinvent the wheel this time with corners.its comical what is happening

  • Face yake inongobhowa so just Kungobhowa nhai

  • He is a goat himself🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Give that ministry to Chinos

  • Dhodhikora

  • Compare and contrast chirebvu chaDokora nechegotora

  • I think he is mad

  • Mubvisei ndebvu ndokut afunge zvakanaka

  • The fact that he apparently looks like a Goat he thinks it’s best we pay with Goats honestly this guy is insane and to think our education system is goin to improve with people like these makin silly decisions….ko kungoti free education for all nhai than Mat****i aari kutaura I’m beginning to doubt his level of intelligence this guy

  • INI hangu I struggle to separate him naKapfupi ,he is eitha a comedian or lunatic I hardly get any sense frm wateva he suggests ,first it was teachers uniforms nhasi hanzi goat fees ,hw does th improve th education sector ,if therz nothing to changer its better to leave it than to take us bek to th stone age pliiiiiiz!!!!!!! Mangwana tichanzi mhapa neshashiko

  • We have got some morons and idiots who pretend they are problem solvers,,what kind of a Minister for that matter thinks batter trade will work in this day and age? It boggles the mind that Dofora is literally getting away with genocide and Bob is keeping a blind eye or falling asleep somewhere not even caring what this fool of a minister is saying. Zany,,zanuoids must just go, they have reached their thinking capacity, what with a 93 year old secretary?, So please Zanu keep your stupid policies in your bedrooms and let other people take over your mess, mxmxmxm mazipenzi evanhu.

  • Dokora is stone eged. full stop

  • Goatee minister

  • Nothing to defend ndezvekumama izvi.

  • Uyu mudhara ngaazive zvaanotaura dofora

  • Am foreseeing teachers receiving their salaries in the form of cattle/goats in a not so distant future . Cry beloved Zimbabwe.

  • I honestly think I can do better than this!

  • He jus doin wat he been told. He’ s a puppet, eva heard any word from the govt criticising his bullshit rants?? No not even one word. So sickening