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WATCH: Mugabe struggles to light up Independence Day flame

WATCH: President Robert Mugabe’s old age (93) came out once again during the Zimbabwe Independence Day celebrations on Tuesday 18 April 2017 when he struggled to light up the symbolic independence flame. His aides had to come to his rescue to help him lift the torch.

  • October 17 2017, is not far, he will rest iternaly.

  • kkkkkk ….this zimbabwe is full of comedy

  • aneta muri kumutambudzirei

  • Where else in the world can you get a man like him,we are still blessed that he is our president.Age means wisdom for a fact.

  • Pple don’t just like,say your minds!!!!!!!

  • He tried to represent black identity n Culture n punished. He can’t let go. Painfully that some idiots don’t understand the system n structures. Hang on old man. At least u were almost there self actualisation. We will gather so so n carry on. Never again Zimbabwe will ruled by white men. Fact.

    • You are a fool ,think you are one of those benefiting from these thugs.

    • Which thugs worldly thugs?

    • hakuna umwe akarwira rusununguko angakwanisa kupinda po ere nhai iwe rastar ndipindure

    • Well he was a darling of the whites until Mandela came. He’d tea with the queen and protected the interest of the west in Zimbabwe. When they stopped giving him freebies he turned against them and took the land. His interest were purely selfish. Most of the land went to him and his supporters. Now the country has gone to shit and he is still holding on. Why?

    • I cant even understand that english,its broken beyond repair

    • Hanging as if no other Zanuids can take his place. Ndezve kupenga

    • Lovemore Z Vurombe Zanupf thugs and that’s includes you nigga .

  • Vanoinetserei harahwa iyi

  • Zvava kunyadzisa izvi, ngavazorore vakuru avo vanoda kufira pachigaro here?

  • Shuwa October haisvike here!

  • Yoo

  • The man is now very old that is common with people of that are. It’s a pity he can not see it or feel it.

  • Kana kunzinza kwenyu kusinawo akasvika 93 asati abata mudonzvo , achiunganidza chaunga seizvo munogwadzisa nhai. Ndi GABURONA ….GABRIEL ngirozi iri kurarama pavari vakuru vaye .Kana musinga zive tingatopera kufa ivo vari tiiiii.Siyanayi naye murume uye .

    • A very stupid comment.

    • Kkkkkkkkk

    • Chinowaita chinowaita kkkkkkkk hapana chabuda kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • It’s not a matter of age but nguva yake yakakwana ngaachipa umwe

    • Kunzi Gabriel hazvirevi humwari in small letters

    • Panga

      that Gabriel thing its not even African, you think Isreal means salvation

    • tel him conias mabhambi haazive,kunzi gabriel hazvirevi kuty wangirozi,kuSpain kuna Jesus Navas anotamba bhora bt hazvirevi kuti aJesu

    • Thanks. now shall we wait n see C.D.E.s

  • surrounded by crooks and looters president is at ransom so its up to us Zimbabwe to take the initiative to free the president from this bondage so that he gets the rests he deserves

  • kkkkk

  • Ziteam rese remaCIO

  • Struggling same as the economy. Kufa kwangu zvarova

  • God puts kings and queens on their thrones and here is the one who removes them again.I personally feel powerless for some of these things.

    • Panga

      which God are talking about, what used to happen before the bible came

  • Dictactor ofo Gambia gone guess who is next….and must moved to Singapore for good no come back

  • What people don’t realise here, is that now he is being held at ransom. It’s simple now he is just being used for looting, when he lost the elections, he should have stepped down asked for protection from the winning party, now he is just there like a baby he can’t do nothing and being abused by vultures and wolves. They are stealing in the name Robert Gabriel Mugabe, they say money is the root of all evil. The thing they don’t trust each other in ZANU Pf, that’s why they are doing this, l believe ZANU Pf is made of enemies people with personal agendas, so now who is going to lead them, l believe he also needs to go rest at a farm, wake up in the morning and hear the birds singing. Feel for him please and set him free.

  • kikikwaaas…I wll nt speak…I dnt want t b Dzamarised…

  • 🐒

  • Ruling from the grave….. even Grace looked ashamed of her ” corpse” husband.

  • tee cee

    munhu arikuzvitambudza uyu ngaanozorore

  • Let the old man take a rest plz…we need new blood to lead us not the frail old grandpa

  • Tinomuda chete

  • Kkkk saka zvebasarei nesu

  • He fucked up zim and all you people have are kind words, fuck you and Robert Gabriel Mugabe. Pamata penyu mese.