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“I don’t work with a terrorist”- Former Mujuru spokesperson Mawarire (VIDEO)

  • Asshole

  • Ko pawakombotanga kushanda naye wanga usina kutanga wafunga???

  • Ndezveikoko ita zvawafunga usatiudza ita zvawada

  • its yu who is a terrorist Mawarire wat were yu doing in Mujuru ‘s party for the first place

    • Above all he is the same man who frog marched the nation to the 2013 elections

  • Wakambojoinasei musoro uzere mvura nxa!

  • msatanyoko waishandepi?

  • What are u talking about? Nonsense , u are wondering everywhere!! I don’t see the difference!!!

  • sa mawarire makanga matumwa muri pa project

  • That’s stupid of you

  • u are d biggest fool ever,who is a terrorist,vaifunga kuti uchanokora mari,benzi remunhu.

  • tee cee

    this guy is a zanu pf he is the man who ran to court in 2013 asking for election when the environment was not ready for election

  • Zvino uchaenda kupi zvawave kutotenderera

  • U are a big terrorist iwe dnt deserve a space in zim

  • Mujuru must wake up and see that she is surrounded by CIO operatives. The sooner she realise that the better for her

  • Kuda mari chete

  • attention seekers and that mawarire “boy” is not serving any purpose in our struggle

  • If he can give us the answer of why did he rushed us into poverty when we had been enjoying the GNU? Why forced Zimbabwe into hunger by forcing us into elections which brought us into this misery. You’re a sellout Mawarire urimutengesi . Ibva hako pamberi pedu!!!!

  • Very stupid an idiot he is a terrorist to all Zimbabweans now suffering becoz of him bulshit