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VIDEO: Zimbabwean girl’s passport burnt by a man she owes money

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  • Now this boy will be in more serious trouble

  • That’s a crime against the government ..bcz an id belongs to the state

  • Usadhere ignorance, she doesn’t own that passport !

  • This guy is crap..

  • He will go to jail

  • He is a coward…

  • Its state property

  • Report to the police he’s going to be in trouble

  • Don’t owe me money l will burn your passport and your panty too. kkkk Eish! this guy.

  • This imbecility will be dealt with by the Republic of Zimbabwe..

  • Really

  • Karma will bite u at some point how dare u burn a person’s passport! Are u a bank who lend people money! No u are are just s loan shark!! Police police get this man to where he be belongs! Prison. Name and shame this man please people

  • Nemi mubhadhare zvikwereti

  • The owner of that passport can you plse inbox me if you are in South africa

  • The passport remains the property of the state, he has to go to jail.

  • This guy is very stupid. The passport is for the state of zimbabwe. The lady can take this video as evidence to the police.

  • Burning the passport won’t bring back the money. In fact the lady now has case against that guy

  • kuChina hapana anombokunzwa chero ukareporter kupolice

  • This is painful to watch. Can understand this guy’s frustrations but burning someone passport…a bit extreme. I hope the girl has seen this video & reports this guy. But that seems unlikely going by this guys comments in the clip Seems the girl lied to the immigration to get anotha passport claiming she lost it. So the clip that might help her, cld also lends her in trouble. So did this guy burn the passport coz he realised the girl has got another? Might be reason why he says he hopes the Zim embassy sees the video. Seems like that was the motivating factor. Wld be sad to hear the new passport has been cancelled coz she got it under false claim. Stitll this guy shld be thrown in jail…zve chikurubi idambe anotoda Chawagona Hapana reku bindura

  • There is no way that girl can be in trouble she didn’t hve it with her and that guy is not allowed to keep a Zimbabwean passport worse to burn it , if at all that girl failed to pay his money back he was supposed to take up the matter with the civil court not to burn the passport, the girl must go to the nearest police and report