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Zim Student in China forced to drink full bottle of Wine that he allegedly tried stealing – VIDEO

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  • The Chinese must also be forced to eat full dogs when they get caught eating them!There was no need to humiliate him and even show that video,its appalling!

  • Chapeyama Josphat Matida I agree with yu bro

  • That voice is Nigerian. He was caught stealing. He got it easy

  • Even if he had, did they have to do that? Cruel Chinese, I don’t know why our Government likes them. I am not saying he was right , that was very stupid of him trying or stealing. Why why Zimbos. Another one was raiding banks in the U S. Ngatidzidzise vana vedu magariro akanaka.

  • Zimbabweans are kleptomaniacs. They should have sjamboked that stupid student for the shameful act of putting the image of Zimbabweans into disrepute.

  • Yah eish

  • He is a Nigerian

  • Kikikikiki next-time if you catch them stealing dog they must finish in ten seconds

  • Dzimbabwe

  • Tamuka

  • Maiweeee, so pathetic. Our kids so if a parent can afford to send you to China it shows they can afford why didnt he buy that bottle of wine, so embarrasing though, but to hell with Chinese people here in Zim they were not supposed to treat him like that what if it kills him.

    • Why did he steal? Was it better call cops and put him in prison and out of school? If people don’t discipline their kids then someone will do that

    • that was bad still

    • kubirwa kunorwadza,, hausaty wambobirwa

  • The Zimbo got away easy. Comments on this wall just go to show how naive Zimbabweans are and I’m beginning to doubt everything else you post on Internet about your government, how much you are suffering you are a bunch of cry babies. If that Zimbo had been caught doing what he did in an Islamic emirate he would have lost his hand and got a hundred lashes for his troubles. What has diplomatic relations between China and Zimbabwe for to do with stealing A shop

  • Ya he gt wat he dzvd ….Dont steal ….anywhr it dznt meta either its in Zim oh China point is dont Steal.

  • Lol 😂 now I Wish it was me now I’m carving sipping some champagne 🥂

  • Do u mean only Zimbabweans are gud at stealing?? Everything, every time,everywhere it’s always Zimbos,zimbos eish ,

  • This is so sad

  • Whoever thinks this is good, u r so pathetic, this is bad. Do u know that alcohol can kill someone if consumed in larger amount?? What if he dies? Yes it is not good to steal but this is not a good punishment at all. Imbwa dzevanhu

  • Havanyari nhai

  • mufana amakisa uyu kkkkkkkk

  • What these guys are actually doing aaaa kunyadzisa chaiko. Rimwe yesterday was topic paStates raba futi haaaa munotinyadzisa

  • Inzara iyo..

  • Ma1

  • Nzara iriko zvayo but munhu anoba doro anenge achida kurohwa zvakasimba..vakagona vakamupa doro racho anwe adhakwe handiki ndozvaanoda…

  • buzz

    He got it easy, told him to come and pay the next day. In China people are sentenced for up to 10 years for theft. They did him a favour

  • Cruel…

  • Yeeeh shame