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WATCH: ‘Birthday Boy’ Morgan Tsvangirai dancing to Mudhara Vachauya by Jah Prayzah

WATCH: Birthday Boy Morgan Tsvangirai dancing to Mudhara Vachauya by Jah Prayzah

  • kkkk shuwa mudhara

  • itshaye tsvangson

  • Hbd Save

  • Save my president

  • Hakuna ‘boy’wakadarooo

  • TheYellow­čî╗SunFlower­čî╗

    Kkk dai ndiriku Zimbabwe ndaiti mandipedzera mabhanduru ah ndokutamba kwacho ikoko.

  • Kana uri wemabhanduru don’t waste. Hapana kutamba kwaanoita.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmm heyiiiiii

  • Mdhara wacho ndiSave The President. Long Live save. Cjikara cheZanu. Mhondoro

  • Thats make me charge my mind, with the situation in zim find leaders still throwing parties for there birthday like everything is ok for me this is rely insane, thats makes Mr E a better man

    • so u trying to say people should no longer celebrate life coz there is poverty?!

    • A leader mst be a big influence use this kind of fanctions showing hw much u care, as my view in zim with the situation we have nw there is no many to buy a cake and celebrating while someone is dying this guys mst start to show wat it takes to be a true leader

    • This is his birthday, it’s not like some extravagant function, it’s jus normal for people to celebrate bdae’s. unless u don celebrate yours

    • But I think it would have sounded much wiser if he had taken that chance to go and be with those who are desperate now like the flood victims to gain the international help, people are suffering its not a jock.

    • Haaa imi atleast haana zikeke mawona KaCake kacho here plus with what he has gone thru with the possibility of loosing his life to cancer i think its not such a bad idea to celebrate a year added in his life

  • Hbd MT.
    But you love partying like a little Bob

  • Happy Birth Day Mr President