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Kirsty Coventry dancing to Jah Prayzah – Mudhara Vachauya

Kirsty Coventry was in Chitungwiza to raise awareness about Women’s Month and talk about how important it is for girls to go to school but also for all women to follow their dreams. We have top female pilots, actresses in Hollywood, phenomenal businesswomen, triumphant athletes…great women who are leading the way proving that it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are – you can be successful. It was a happy day and when we are happy we must dance…”mdhara vachauya” by Jah Prayzah is becoming one of my favorites, she said.

  • A true cadre .patriotic. Vamwe vachitiza .iwe uchitotamba zvako mdara achauya

  • If the white community loved their country like this lady,we were suppose to be on another level.Even the Black brothers I do not know whether they are still here?

  • This lady is proud to be a Zimbabwean.

  • Thank u Coventry..

  • Ngatinyenyei varungu

  • Everyone is proud. but if you don’t have capital you in a mecy

  • If I get to that place and dance like she did then it won’t be news but uyu murungu then it becomes nhai. Then you said hatinate varungu. Kunyepa

    • drmanz

      not just white but one who is patriotic in the full sense of the word, anaFlower kucricket vakachisiya chinyika chedu ichi

    • Mother Nature

      You need to have won gold for Zim. MaNgwenya akatiisa pamap