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Magaya in Israel – VIDEO

  • Kuseri kwekuseri, kumberi kwe kumberiwo

  • Point of correction Nehanda .its Prophet w magaya.only demons say magaya .respect pliz

    • Amen

    • Fuck u

    • Ernest its not about shouting each other.the fact is that my father is a prophet not just an ordinary prophet but he is sitting on top of the rest.and he derseve that respect.I will pray to God that he opens your eyes to see be4 he humbles you.and remember you are just above an animal.

    • you can say that again phibion Madakuchekwa

    • Phibion Madakuchekwa on top of Wat u giving him a position in the world who a u

    • Gideon do you know that the prayer mountain under construction now will be the altar of Africa.why are you people still blind. Open your eyes beyond physical, who do u think is greater than prophet w magaya besides our grandpa TB Yadah TV testimonies then u will not need me to explain further to you. Bring your relatives who are sick and see the mighty power of God moving at the Arena of liberty.Just test and u will see for yourself.that’s y i say he is on top of the rest.

      • fidza

        phibion you need to test the spirits, you clearly cannot discern the true from the false, magaya is no prophet by any biblical standard, nor does he stand up against the requirements of being a biblical prophet. What prophesy has he done? do you not know that even satan has transformed himself into an angel of light, and performs miracles that can even deceive the elect of the almighty. how can the spirit of the most high dwell in a person who admits on camera that he had an affair with the same lady that he wanted to make his congregants believe was extorting him in that mock trial at his church? Dnt be seen defending sin, but rather defend the word. the almighty doesnt send his prophets to build hotels, prayer mountains, guesthouses as you want to suggest that becoz he is building a prayer mountain he therefore is legit. just take a look at his pictures in israel, he is an actor and people like you fall for his tricks, but not those that know their creator they dnt fall for such tricks

      • Emru Kunanti

        Do you know what a mountain is? Where in the world have you ever seen people constructing a mountain?

      • Dare

        My Friend I am not against any Pastor but I just want to inlighten you there are great men of God, i.e. Pastor Benny Hinn, Pastor Chris, they don’t build prayer mountains, it’s not bibilical to have prayer mountains just open your eyes.

    • Phibion Madakuchekwa people will always heal regardless of the source of the spirit saka usatiudze zvematestimony. Yekuzotu altar of africa ndeyenyu mega n kana mubible haimo saka usatipfekedzere ipapo timoziva Mwari mupenyu

    • magaya

    • Gee the source is very important .read john 8 verse 42:44 NKJV. Open your eyes nothing comes for free from the devil.u may be healed yes regardless of the source but nothing is for free from the devil.if your source is from God so why are u fighting with the man of God.At PhD we have never fight any man of God not even a single day. We fight demons and their mastér Satan that’s why you see us being shifted to higher levels. So open your eyes.

      • Dare

        Do you understand Scripture????i would advise to listen to VaMakandiwa, Pastor Chris, Pastor Kenneth Copeland just a few.

    • If God was to be giving that passion yah I will say it is but as long u still selling anointing oil, milies, bricks, bands sorry jesus never sell non

    • Gideon the problem is that u listen to fake stories on internet .come and see for yourself.anointing oil is not for sale its a blessing when u buy an anointed disk.we have never ever sold mealies at our church never its fake stories being created by people who doesn’t want the ministry to go forward. People were given for free we got farms and this year we are number one in Zimbabwe no one has harvested like us.we have never sell bricks at our church never.u must like our page at Facebook.Prophetic healing and deliverance ministries.its only one page.Sunday its a big Sunday or u can watch Yadah TV . then see for yourself not fake internet stories which want to tarnish the image of our ministry

      • fidza

        brother the anointing oil price is factored in that disk, how can you buy a disk for 10 dollars? a simple disk? wake up

        • Dare

          Jesus did not give oil he is our role model

  • Shifting to higher levels

    • Not higher levels anozvininipisa ndiye anokudzwa sekuataura kunoita shoko ramwari

  • Lyk father lyk son ungavadi hapana zve

  • Anenge akaenda kudenga

  • fake prophet. nehanda u wrote well . wdai watoti. Fake Magaya in Israel kkk

  • What’s special about being in Israel. Israel is not paradise. Many people hv bn there. If it is a gimmick to lure people to his so called church it won’t work. O Lord open the eyes of those who blinded by false prophets

    • may God open the eyes of people who critisise my Prophet, and i was healed through him and soul hah love was healed too yadah kusvika tafa

      • fidza

        this is for you:

        2 Thessalonians 2:9 “The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the working of Satan, with every kind of power, sign, and false wonder, and with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the love of the truth that would have saved them”

        Revelation 13:14 “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.”

        notice that in both verse satan does miracles, what you and shirley and others should understand that magaya is not sent by the most high, and his miracles are not from the almighty, but fits the verse above. How can a man who claims to be a prophet commit adultery and expect the almighty to still be using him. since muchida ma miracles and testimonies consider this following verse especially when it comes to magaya

        Matthew 7:22-23 “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name [ since u call magaya a prophet ], and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? [ since you push his deliverance miracles ]’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness (this is in regards to his character, when he preaches one thing and does the other).”

    • show us the paradise

    • I think you have to pray for yourself first…and brothers and sisters let’s stop commenting spiritual things jus because u have bundles …let’s save ourselves from things we will not be able to reverse in life… Search for that lady’s testimony👆it will show you that the word of God is real and he uses people (prophets)

    • These pics n videos were send for phd members but these pages are posting on their sites to have comments. Leave the prophet alone what hez doing has nothing to do with you

    • U are talking about ur god not my God called Lord that is the difference and the reason u are mislead by ur prophet not the prophet of The Lord. Beware of ur prophet

    • All these false prophets are there to fulfill the truth in the scriptures

    • you are lost

  • I like the head line thank you Nehanda …false prophet

    • May God forgive you.

    • so can you show the true prophet

    • Dzidza kunamata mwari iwe Dorcas Mero not munhu

    • Why is it that you people who are being fooled by these so called prophet can’t read between the lines .May the Lord forgive you for believing in this man not our Lord in Heaven.

    • kungoti haisi mhosva yako Gary Moffat kusaziva. ini handi namati munhu but ndinonamata God of prophet Magaya Mwari wavanonamata ndovandonamata ndaka poneswa nazvo ini ndaiva chirema chonozivikanwa kuma disability organisations everybody knows me but look at me now, nearly 2years paralysed munhu wechikadzi is not a joke just imagine. because of Prophet I had an instant healing at the prayer mountain. ko vana soul jah love vakaitwei. zvakanaka zvinoitwa hamuzvioni

      • mutendi

        unonamata mwari weumwe munhu sei unodii kunamata mwari wako? ko kana mwari wemunhu iyeye ari n’anga wotonamatawo n’anga iyoyo here?

    • Well good for you Dorcas Mero if it was done by the spirit of the most high God I believe in its a job well done .

    • you are almost there Gary Moffat, yes it was done by the spirit of God because I believe devil doesn’t like the healing

    • But why is that u guys always say” mwari wamagaya ” is he not yours too so my question is u pray through magaya not Jesus seriously guys ???

    • ko mu bhaibheri wani pane panonzi Mwari wa Abraham isaka na Jacob iwe Gary Moffat wadii kuvhunzawo ipapa

    • zvasiyanei nokutiGod of prophet Magaya

    • Why can’t you pray direct to him or through His son Jesus Christ why mwari wamagaya upi wacho that’s the question???

    • Baby police

    • Baby police

    • Jesu paakauya zvinhu zvese zvakachinja kunze kweten comandiments chete hakuchina Mwari wasomeone coz takabatanidzwa neropa raJesu ,saka Mwari ndewemunhu wese kuburikidza muzita raJesu kwete zvana Abraham zvakadarika

    • Magaya anotozvibhemera mbanje dzake hauoni miromo yake here iwe uchimilunamata pano

    • In the bible we always see,kwakanzi the God of Abraham, of Jacob. Read ur bible carefully. So when we call God of Prophet Magaya yave problem

      • mzoo

        is VaMagaya in the bibble? why should you equal him with the ones in the bible? People will respect when they feel like it you don’t need to cohese them to do that. Ukuru hwepasi haureve chinhu kuna Mwari, know that.

    • Not this tym Rukono Shumirai we are now praying direct to our God not through anyone except Jesus Christ who died on the cross.

    • Fake prophet true

  • Project

  • Zvazvinhu papa

  • Ko iwe wako mwari uchimunamata rinhi kana uchinamata mwari wemumwe yoooo ?

  • Nhai amana ki kuneiko kuisrael her Rebecca anondo zhamba ariyo magaya bushiri muchanamata Satan hokoyo

    • Kkkkk…i like the Rebbecca Malope part yekuti ano zhamba ikoko..kkkk….Ya ive seen her busy rolling on the ground and the holy stones….Its ISRAEL….JESUS’ BIRTH PLACE.

  • zvekuenda kuISRAEL hazvimuiite munhu waMWARI IZVOZVO

  • Mamuitisa mari munhu uyo hama dzangu

  • Bag remari

  • false prophet son of the devil magaya

  • So what to be in Israel.fuck u magaya.kunyepa ndokwako kkkkkk

  • Uri kumboitei ikoko uchasungira vanhu upenyu hwavo iwe nekuhura kwako dzoka kumba uko

  • Emru Kunanti

    Africans are so brainwashed. How can you leave your Holy Great Zimbabwe to go and tell us that Jerusalem is a Holy City. Did Chaminuka ever set foot in Israel? All your forefathers never set foot there. So whats Holy about it? The only Holy land I know is the land of my ancestors, Afrika. The land that contains their sweat and blood, flesh and bones and visions and memories.

  • Wodye mari dzemadinga. And from there tell them wakuona more because wakaona the holly place. Plus new annointing oil straight from olive tree wakaprunwa na Marry uya mubible, mnenge mapedza papa.

    By the way when are u coming back papa tiuye Ku Anointing Oil version 3.1 new release

  • Did he take the letters by congregants to Israel so GOD can answer to their prayers?
    But I know that GOD is where you are at?
    Let him (Magaya) experience life in Israel!

  • Miromo iyo ndeye munhu anobhema black lips

  • My brothers and sisters if it is not important do not comment remember touch not my anointed. How come we have become a nation of experts at shooting down each other. If you can tell that he is a false prophet ,can you tell us who are the true prophets?

  • Vanhu munoda minana zvakaipa,kana iye magaya kudai aripedyo namwari how come achiti anopihwa napowers nat.b.Joshua.kana uchiyenda kwamagaya pafungisise ipapo????? Ropafadzo inobva kuna mwari nekuti ndiye akasika denga nenyika.izvezvi achauya nemvura achiita $20 mapenzi motenga muchiti papa kkkk

    • Just watch e space on Sund, kunenge kwakazara kusvika kwaMachipisa ndipo paunoziva kuti he is really a man of God. Vachasara ndimi vasina zivo. We being shifted to higher levels. Zvasiyana. Satan ari kurwadziwa right now.

  • chakanaka hachidiwa nemuvengi pakaipa warwadziwa nei nekuinda kwaProphet Israel dai zvisi ngashamise hawambo comment

  • Hungry pple’s money used to go there, tell benjamin nyata what ever to stop killng philistines.

  • People of Zim will never celebrate their annointed ones of the time. Israel we all know its a holy land…sei makapusa imi vanhu imi. Do we need to remind u kuti Jesu akazvarirwepi till kuti akafirepi. I pity u all who are saying bad abt prophet Magaya. U dont even have e full knowledge of wat he is doing there, u cant even see all e healing he is doing , aah Nehanda radio atori pabasa kutsvaga mari. So salary yake yatopinda cos awana nyaya yaabatira pamsoro. Leave e Prophet of times. The more u say bad abt him the more he is excelling. And Israel akatoenda.

  • Thats why Zim pple u always suffering cos of kusatenda kwenyu. Kwashamisei ku Israel, kwaangatadze kuenda. Tsvee kutaura nezvevanoenda Singapore kunorapwa imi muchikwangaya.

  • Haa musarwadziwe nemunhu vaMwari

  • Vamwe muchatambudzika nenyaya yekuzvidza vazodziwa vaMwari

  • Fake prophet nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaa