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White people are more intelligent than blacks – Jared Taylor (VIDEO)

  • Mukanya

  • Ko kunyeba here , zvatinongoona learn ftm our leadership

  • thas what you are thinking

  • 100% correct

  • Jared Taylor is not only a racist but first class idiot!!

    • Kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Lol..take the emotions out and look at Africa from the cape to the north, you may be left struggling not to agree with him

    • Lol..take the emotions out and look at Africa from the cape to the north, you may be left struggling not to agree with him

    • look closer paddy

  • Noone is intelligent than the other, we are all equal in the eyes of the lord.

  • It could be true because white run countries are the most developed whilst most black countries are the least developed because of ignorance and corruption.

    • I think it’s too early for you to say that, we only have less than two centuries with western civilisation in Africa

  • Kkkkkkkk kunyepa havagoni kujuruja majuru.

  • Nonsensical,,,, how is that? IQ isn’t measured by colour stupid.

  • Grt lie

  • it hurts us as blacks bt naturally it’s true

    • People like Yo u are a disgrace to our black community

    • y denying zvingori pachena

    • Reynold vanhu vane maprinciples zvavo ivava isu hatina thats why they seem better than us

    • What principles are you talking of man,i learn with these people and i cant see any of the white people doing better than me in education

    • pane njere dzekudzidza mabook pozoita njere dzekusikwa nadzo,idzodzo ndodzatiri kutaura kuti vari mberi baba

  • It’s true hapana chitsotsi apo

    • sure samaaz tarisa Africa as whole unobva wangoona answer

  • I particularly found this video very offensive. This man should not be allowed to say such comments and go uncensored.

  • This Jared mouthed Jared Taylor is a fool.

  • taylor l second you that coulor difference reflects exactly how our minds differ thumbs up white guys u are nine times intelligent than my fellow blacks .black man can spend a good four hours discussing about someone’s life bt a white man his four hours can bring ARVS, THE LAW OF GRAVITY ,PYTHAGORAS THEOREM ,INVESTIGATIONS ON AIR DISASTERS to mention bt a few .look at white owned premises they are immaculate .white owend cars .white doctors how they treat patients and as for blacks the opposite is true

  • The problem is with Africa’s dump leaders who studied Victorian literature, they can’t realise the need to use local languages as media of instruction.

  • Since 1980 we are still crying till 2day bt we are failng to think the way foward

  • Ooh that white guy who sleeps at Bp garage is more intelligent than me.

    • You are singling out one person. He didn’t say this white guy is more intelligent than that black guy. Truth be told, give $500 to both black and white man and ask them to show you what they would have done with the cash. You will see the results. Black guy start thinking about buying designer clothes while the other start thinking about multiplying the money and start saving for the future. Try it

    • Shamiso Gunda, NO, I disagree on that one. That’s more of an individual characteristic than a collective race trait.

    • Collective statistics shows shamwari we lack somewhere, just check issue yema elections, issue yechiadzwa diamonds, the way or roads look, compare with South Africa which is run by whites

  • Munhu mutema kungowana basa achapedza nguva achitsvaka n’anga dzokuti basa richengeteke,tsve zvokuronga zvokuita basa zvinemutsindo kuti richengeteke.
    Muchena haana nguva yokusengana nezvitombo,nemvura uye kunokora tsoka dza manager kuti zvifambe asi anopedzera nguva pakuronga zvebudiriro.

  • apart frm racist thts a fact.

  • zvinorwadza hazvo but ichokwadi hacho

  • Blacks are intelligent but challenge is ,we are victims of political instability and dictatorship.

  • True

  • Well blacks are even more selfish, don’t think about tomorrow or generations to come. They don’t even think about the future of their own families. All they brag about is we are educated and ask them what they are doing with that education. Nothing

    • I hope you do not assume that Donald Trump or his republican angry mob are any less selfish than old Bob.

    • True i agree with u…blacks we are dumb and believe education makes us intelligent yet a white man with no university dgree can discover and invent smething to change the world…Blacks only know witchcraft,jelousy,theft,and SEX.

    • Boby Mafi don’t put words into my mouth. If I wanted to that I would have said it nothing stops me.

    • Kkkkk…wow Shamie!…i like that answer u gave Boby…killer punch.

  • True

  • Look at this former Gambian president. Before he left he cleaned up the country dry and left. No regards to others. Same as Mugabe and zanupf. Buying a diamond ring worth millions but the hospitals have no medical equipments,medicine, no salaries for Drs or nurses nor teachers but they’re buying diamond rings. That same diamond from your own fields

    • Shami we are ashamed by now there are some youth who are still clung to that old hag even at 100 years and openly declared dry hands (war) if uncle is not voted for. What a mockery.

  • Not so

  • Zvoonekwa negoho results on the ground progress etc show tht mutema kungomupa chigaro haachadi kubva akutoda zvibhakera

  • It depends on which area, a black men can raise a dead person s spirit kkkk , a black men can kill someone in america whilst he is in south africa. A black men knows bush herbs than white. They are intelligent because they brought there way of living and we are tryjng to follow suit. Kkkk

  • The speaker of the truth has no friends

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  • Dont get emotional and defensive just be factual and prove him wrong If he is. Of which I doubt

  • 1000%. Every black knows that. Tinototeera kumashure kwavo.

  • The mentality shown here by some black morons is a clear pointer to the reason why a nonagenarian who struggles to walk and talk is still voted into the highest office on our soil.

  • This is both funny and tragic… of course its a fragile narrative and has to be repeated over and over again. Taylor has no sense of irony at all… America has its most stupid white president and the meanest of them all too

  • Shows how out of touch with reality he is. Or perhaps he has a skewed version of INTELLIGENCE. By that assertion he has proved himself not at all intelligent.

  • True..ongavumiyo ngokwakhe bazalwane! Abantu abamnyama sphandle fo sho.

  • Yes we are dumb

  • Mina angivumelani lalowo mqondo mahlabezulu

  • Kkkkkk a black person dream digging bushherbs for witchcraft business and to eat only that’s true look at Zim ,Zim was nicely planned built but now just funny old buildings no renovations

  • 100% correct. blacks are not only dull they are also stupid who know nothing bt only xex

    • Are you white yourself?
      How do you look down on your own kind?
      Uli icipuba sana.
      Wecifishi niwe weulelanda pacimpashanya cobe ifi.

    • I agree blacks we r stupid and only know jelousy,theft,dishonesty,beer and too much SEX.

    • not white im juc saying the [email protected] sansole u nailed it man.i could not say any better than dat.

  • out of five continents only africa had most blacks the rest are whites

  • its in their genes, blacks intelligency depends on wat air do they breath.

  • False and unwise imagination.

  • THE HOLOCAUST didn’t start with gas chambers, it started with politicians dividing the people with “US vs THEM”
    It started with intolerance and hate speech.
    And when people stopped caring, became desensitised mindlessly obedient and turned a blind eye .

  • sad truth

  • A black man is prophet whites not

  • vatema kungofuna zvechhure chete

  • Intelligent pachii hausati waroiwa ndosaka uchidaro

  • The truth is that our fathers were enslaved for many years, yet the black man was left behind.

  • This is a sound fact. The short comings of the blacks are many , severe and are detrimental to the progress and civilization of African countries.

  • Civilization was started by blacks , you don’t measure IQ by people’s shortcomings, the mistakes of your father don’t make you a fool

  • When intelligence is located in skin pigmentation

  • He is a senseless Supremacist who thinks rubbish with his little head.

  • True no doubt about that…its not debatable…whites were blessed with intelligence….lets not make noise on this one…What have we the black people invented to the world except good muti and witchcraft?

  • Hu taught you that?

  • go suck your balls idiot

  • Yeah facts are stubborn

  • Ok