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Stunner breaks down during interview with Ruvheneko – Video

  • Drama king

  • Leave this guy alone, aparei nhaimi,news matodziwana

  • Its true, most Zimbabweans JUST hate for no reason. They hate anything that moves because jealousy is what they can only create in their heads. you Stunner, are one on the list. As for Olinda she messed herself waaaay more than you messed up. If you guys get back together better be sleeping with one eye open, i tell you dude. thts no wife material.

    • True..It’s actually the wife who fucked up…

    • Stunner yes he cheated a few doesn’t by setting it as our agenda on fb olinda is the one to apologize

    • Ibvaipo after olinda ‘s hard wrk munhu onohura hindava musina moyo wecanhu so

    • Zimbabweans have a hurt attitude

  • That part made me think kuti he is human after all and maybe he truly loves her. Olinda please love this guy, am sure he feels really lonely sometimes and Zimbabwe please try to like this guy just a little, just a little

    • We do like him..It’s the minority hu hates him..Like he said loyal 5 than many haters

    • Anoita nezvei….

  • The tv series continues

  • Contribution of our social media makes this relationship worse otherwise papasina nyaya

  • Olinda is a best wife to Stunner. All those who are critical to him , they have got their own negatives coz no one is right standing . There is nothing new in celebrities life coz its full of drama. From pornstars clips to wife reality suicidal clips so fascinating. So interesting I like it guys keep up the dramas. But i would like to advise these zim celebs to stop using the kid of dangerous drugs they are using especially Stunner and Nox. Remember Mai GAMU.

  • Women against women – destroying each others marriage.

  • ko hantii munhuwo semiwo

  • drama racho richapera riini

  • I court the words wen Stunner tries to explain
    Hanzi yes i did it for a reason and the reason is …distanceship is not safe for us man .
    We are here on earth to make Work and relax through Sex
    Whilst brunette rake riri kwaLondon uko
    No guys Olinde must think twice

  • Aaaa nyaya yastunner yaakutobhowa.

  • fidza

    tazoishaya mari records kkk

  • Fools ar born evryday

  • misodzi yenhema iyo

  • You can never justify chihure. Marriage is for Men not boys. I mean real men. Every man can impregnate a woman but it takes guts to be a real father. At the same time any woman can have a man but it takes grace to be a wife .
    Uripano here iwewe.

  • Kkkklm Ruvheneko munhu uyu dai usina kimudana opapo kuzotiudza izvozvo bodo

  • Ko zvinebsa rei, pane ane chaja yesmart fon hre

  • ruru

    Stunner has to respect her own and stop cheating remember ,you reap what you sow,guys.