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Dramatic footage of Toyota vehicle being swept off bridge due to flooding in Zimbabwe

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  • it was not swept but its the driver who missed the road

  • Stubborn driver… Apotsa road anyway!

  • Chiri kundinetsa mota yakukurwa asi pane tuvanhu turi kumhanya nemumvura macho

  • Fully agree with those say the driver “missed” the road. He was just too close to the edge of the bridge. If you notice very well, strong current is in the middle of the bridge & he had already passed that point.

  • But munhu achimbozviitirei zvakapusa kudai

  • Ko zvamaiti hainaye,limpopo so far rwauraya 43 Zimbos

  • Bad driving! People are walking across with ease!

  • Shit driver missed the bridge, otherwise the vehicle could have managed very comfortably

  • Driver is very stupid.akatadza kuona bridge like that.mvura iyo haina Simba look at those boys crossing it.

  • ndo–drama iroro here……..?ziva manyorero

  • Missed the f&*king road!!

  • very stupid

  • dont cross flooded river ,no negotiations , simple

  • Stupid driver that 1. That bukkie is tougher than that

  • Keith Alfred

  • Malcolm Vusani Dube

  • He met his fate, he’s very stupid. You can’t cross a flooded river ane dzungu

  • if the car is a four wheel drive it doesnt mean ts now a boat …

  • Zimbabweans are now confusing cars with boats.

  • Kkkk.I must say people think driving such cars make them invincible let alone the advert they see on dstv, showing a land cruiser defeating all terrains obviously mislead them. DONT CROSS A Flooded river Simple as that. Ukumhanyirepi. Obviously it show that Humans under estimate their challenges and opponents. Kkkkk.

  • this guy is funny..he thinks his car is also a boat

  • Gorbachev R. Sibbs

  • That car can cross that river with no problems that’s bad driving misjudged the current that is why

  • so tht is dramatic?

  • He knew this video would go viral

  • Driver error….if those boys could cross jumping up & down, there is no way that horse would have failed to cross. The driver missed the road.

    • Pakaoma apa. Mvura inokukura whether its a lorry or landcruiser kanabridge chairo..most people who cross with landies do so when river is not in flood let alone try cross a narrow bridge…

    • You right driver error. If the wheels turns fast they lose their grip on the road. He was suppose to drive slowly apanika!!

    • Forichi Clay Ngorima, for sure, no one should cross flooded rivers. No doubt about that! In this particular case, if those boys can cross running like that then you have to say there is no reason why that Cruiser can’t cross….he just missed the road

  • Flint Madziya

  • he just missed the bridge not that the car got swept off like you are saying, that is a Toyota Land Cruiser!!!

  • There’s no bridge in Zimbabwe

  • The driver is very stupid

  • Amphibious cruiser….

  • Is this a Toyoya boat or toyota dhongola

  • Usadherera rwizi

  • I don’t think the driver has got a valid license??? There is no water there, especially for a LandCruiser 70 Series???

  • ane dzungu stereki

  • Ko kwava kunaya here tizotsvaka hohwa

  • it wasn’t swept due to flooding but cos of the impatience of the driver

  • Usatemba mota panouraisa

  • Anopotsa adyunga dama re bridge

  • Oh dear .why drive through a flooded river in the first place

  • Stupid driver, from now on he will know that a car does not turn boat during floods!,

  • And still Zim dames are empty

  • He was reckless

  • But that’s a Land Cruiser?

  • admin you are behind takatozviona kare izvo

  • Land cruiser or no land cruisers the question is how did he determine the width of the bridge he could he have driven on the edge of the bridge and obviously he lost balance

  • Kana,iwe wakazviona kare Ko isu zvakafanana nekuti iwe wakaguta saka vamwe havachadyi sadza nekuti wakaguta siya vasina kuona vaone kuitira vamwe vasadherere mvura

  • Hey kungani abantu bedlala ngempilo kanti?

  • Iye akati kana uine landcruiser haufe ndiani??? a 30 ton truck can easily be swept away, when the water level ikadarika matyres any vehicles can be swept away simple!

  • He was not swept away by water but he drive off the bridge

  • Vitalis Nhimba

    A car has larger surface area guys this driver was already struggling to keep the vehicle straight along the bridge. Flowing water is forceful.

  • hagoni kudriver chete land cruser ndobasa rayo zve. ino pinda papinda nzou mota iyi musaidherere

  • Being a top of the all 4*4s doesn’t mean it can withstand against the momentum of running water. I feel very sorry for whoever was driving this cruiser

  • TBBH, in that truck, I too would have gone across the bridge. But it comes down to skill too doesn’t it!

  • mwana wevhu

    which place is that it looks like Mudzi bridge in mutoko. thats a deadly hazard there. that bridge has claimed many lives ,,,, mabhazi anongoyeredzwa vanhu vachifa but e gvnt doesnt do anything. Mtoko MPs are just quite over the matter. every rainy season its a disaster there. panotofiwa chete.

  • Kanyemba Bhonzo thinking ari pa radio…

  • Swept or driving off the bridge never cross a flooded river

  • Mvura inokunda everything , hazvinhei land cruise hailumi