Zimbabwe: White farmers waiting for compensation for seized land

Twenty years ago, Zimbabwe’s government seized white-owned commercial farms and gave them to black war veterans.
Those white farmers say they are still waiting for compensation from the government.

Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Harare.

  • What compensation?? They are crazy they should go to hell

  • britain should pay them not us africans

  • Whe they pushed off native Africans in 1800s did they offer compensation?

    • Did the white farmers who are alive today do that?

      Fuki idiot

      • fidza

        they inherited and benefitted from stolen land, dont be stupid

    • Whether they are alive or not it doesnt matter . By the way you are never going to receive any compensation. If you still have a farm we are taking it too everthing you have.

    • Enjoy your bond notes… 😂

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  • they are the one who should be compansating the black nguni speaking community for the land they forcefully used, cattle,goat, sheep and

  • Compensation should be for the improvements only, not land

    • When you are born-land does not come out of your mothers womb

    • Kevin Heath Foster your whited grabbed the land driving our forefathers away to plain lands and reserves like Gwaai and Shangaani. Thats why compulsory acquisition without compensation is necessary . whites have a tendency of creating terminology to suit themselves, they grabbed our land, they call it civilisation! We reclaim it they call it barbaric land grabbing.

  • Compensation my foot they’ve been looting our resources for centuries and shipping them to Europe

  • Britain,is the one who fooled them that Zimbabwe belongs to them and as such she should compensate them.

    • Ha ha ha ha what a comment from a shallow mind

    • Clueless

    • We go back to the Scramble for Africa,the Britain knows very well abt the Berlin Conference where European countries shared Africa amongst themselves without involving Africans-musangotuka,bring your views.

    • Hapana kutukwa but uri kuwana mhinduro dzakafanira nezvawanyora

    • Newe nyora mafungiro ako kana uchirwadziwa nemapurazi enyika yedu maZimbabwe kwete kungoshora,tell us yr reasons for compensation uvabhadhare.

  • To hell with them

  • Compensation Maya.

    We waited for 110 years to have this land back.Imagine the lost revenue due to that deprivation.

    In a drought affected year $600million worth of Tobacco alone was realised this year.

    Multiply that by 110 and also look at the other crops and you will see we are talking of trillions of money lost.

    Who will compensate us for all those opportunity costs

  • If you only knew tat some of them are already getting compensation no wonder why the gvt have guts to seek loans from British gvt…yes compensation they should be given …coz if tats they are not compensated you will never have an investor coming to invest anything since its an unfair treat…breaching of an agreement we will remain poor…the Lancashire agreement supports compensation

  • Ivo varungu ngava rege kuita sanike vakauya muno musina vanhu … Vakauya vakaba ivhu racho , kana vanga vakatengeserwa ngavanopihwa mari yacho nemunhu wavakatenga kwaari….inini ndikuda kutoti wese ati akuda compensation amamiswe ….nehanda wavakauraya vakatipa compensation here

  • Nyasha,Nyasha,Oooh Nyasha—,Nyasha nechitiyo hauna,ko imbwa isingadyiwi muZIMBABWE,Hauna zvakare,SHAME!

  • Did they compensate our fathers they sold during slave trade. They had no reason to come here anyway. Ungade compensation yechinhu chisiri chako. We dont use laws of the jungle here? Ungati waba fon yangu ndozoitora woti ukuda compensation nekuti ndakutadzisa kuita macalls ako.!!!!!

    • Hakuna zvako iwe aaaaaa hedeee ko Madzisekuru edu avairasira munyanza vanoti takavharika nhayi

  • Zvakatovharana hakuna comp

  • Mangwana vachovakasara vanozotinetsa ngatitorei yakasara mindayacho,tovati ngatigovanei uyu kadimbu,uyukadimbu hanzi togwa nani,ivhu rani,takaripiwa namwari akati sevana veZimbabwe pekugara apa,they must pack their bags and go other wise vannomutsa zvangazvavata,tinovakiya ahiyaaa

  • Very unfair white man you rob us our land. No compensation at all. We want our gold you took from lobengula

  • When they first came to Africa they grabed the land so they dont deserve any payment,its embarassing though coz the land is lying idle,maybe we shud juss allow them to come back and be productive,something we cant be.

  • Let them just forget all that. No one called them into the country. But take care Africa may become a colony of China in the mere future.

  • Let’s understand the thing of compensation its about the infrastructure that was implemented and grabbed

    • saka vape iwe

    • Imari yako yauno chema ipapa dzidzai kuti ndiane anenge achi compensate gvt yako yauri kusupporter ine chii?

    • who did they pay rent to for all the years they used land whilst we didn’t have any.

      Let’s not try to be smarty pants here.These are serious issues.

      No Blackman should support ANY form of compensation till black people across the globe are paid reparations

    • Saka ndakaba bhutsu dzako ndotenga polish, ndodzizora polish ukazondiona nadzo paunodzitora, will u compansate me for polish I bought

    • What was question of land tax why was it was paid if where full aware this was also done to the rural areas .
      Bhutsu ndedzako pane pauno dzitorerwa kana kudzisiya here it’s your part of you.

  • Haiwaho!

  • I believe compensation was for developments on the land not the land itself

  • Now land grab black Zim from back Zim….thts why I dont want farming land n Zim…no land no stress…I wll not speak

  • they hve hope with chamatama handizivi mopaona sei vachiti takamirira ndiyavo here or vanofanira kuuya vachiziva haisi yavo , ivhu nderevatema havasati vakambonzwa tichiti takamirira zvekwavo ,take care of England nt Zim

  • Farm produce I want Ill buy and continue staying in town…no stress!

  • Noise

  • at least despite our political or watever dtrnces we all as zimbos tinofunga zvimwe chete. ngatishinge ma cdes nyika ndeyedu

  • Pamunoona kuti maBritish vari selfish ndepekuti ivo kana zvichivafambira havana basa nevamwe ,muZimbabwe takati ngatimboenda kuUK tonotsvaka basa tinorohwa hembe dzakabvaruka ,its like Britain moved out of the EU of which one of the reasons was that each member state should be given immigrants from North Africa crossing into Europe then UK refused to accept them.They want compensation ,yes,but we wont accept that.If that scenario could have happened in UK do you think these guys would let u go ,nada.

  • Handiti Britain ndiyo yakaridza uwi kuti kuZimbabwe kwaita dopiro zvino dopiro rakazovava mapurazi ndokuatorerwa ,zvino kungotaura havo vanotoziva kuti kudenha mangwiro otosimba.Guys forget about the farms go to hell

  • Pavakapiwa ivhu redu vainzi inhaka yavo saka vari kuda kuzadzisa zvavakudzwa vari kunyeperana hatina kupusa

  • Zvakango fanana and I quote they don’t even care abt us povo

  • what did those stupid war veterans do with the farms bcoz the country is in deep hunger bcoz of lack of farming.

  • We cannot talk of any compensation to any white man for anything without talking of reparations for black people.

    On this issue black people must simply refuse to part with even 1 bond till reparations for slavery and colonialism are paid in full.

    Land,cattle and houses were destroyed to accommodate white farmers. Where is our compensation

  • Idots compensation 4 wat

  • Yu will never ever find a blackman owning even a square mtr of land in England ‘ that was a very biggest mistake for land to be sold to whites alien so calling themselves Zim Origins ‘guys listen here no compensation for the land that doesn’t belong to yu you can only talk of your developments ‘we are not into politics bt Zimbabwe and its belongs belong to us blacks so never ever dreams about somebody’s land

  • Waiti kungobatwa hako uchifamba nemupurazi uchigurira wakananga kwauri kuenda wotonzi mbavha womamiswa zvakaipa manje takaritora ivhu zve compensation izvo ndezvavo to hell futi vaishandisa vanhu vatema vachivapa ma nuts ivo vachidya voga

  • Compernsesion on infrastructures not land forget and smile. Pluz compensesion muzim haibhadharwe zvekumhanya take easy . Imboregai vanavezimbabwe vambonanzvawo zvamaidya muminda yavo. Ndozviyaka zvamakanzi nambuya ne Handa Nyakasikana mapfupa anguachapfuka mukati kachembere kanopenga zvino chionai kwazvave.

  • Fellow Zimbabweans think outside the box. We have to compensate these whites. After all these are fellow zimbabweans born and bread here. Here in Zimbabwe we have become brain washed and indotrinated by some of our political leaders to such a point that we have stopped thinking. These leaders did whatever they did and said and are still saying what they are saying inorder to archeve their own personal selfish political and economic desires as what most of us are now starting to realise. We should appreciate the developments whites brought to us although it doesent mean to say that we forget the bad they did to us. Had they not come I tell u we would not be having zimbabwe today because it is them who came with Southern Rhodesia, Rhodesia and later Zimbabwe. It is them who brought development to this place of course with black labour and support.That school of thought which says president Mugabe and ZANU pf brought Zimbabwe is political hogwash to most of us with an independent thinking. There was no reason why we would have racialised the land since it was the same system we fought against. Lastly for your own infornation the very people who taught you that the whites are bad if you listen to them today they are crying to be allowed to go to these european countries and are even begging for money from these whites and praying to tfade with them. If they are bad why do you cry to do business with them. Shame.