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Gen Tongogara was a great prophet: General Dr Constantino Chiwenga – VIDEO

  • But never foresaw his death

  • what are the circumstances surrounding his death & his alleged involvement in elimination of Hebert Chitepo?

  • Did Cde #Tongo forsee the decline of the Zimbabwean economy, corruption, looting of state resources, wonton denial of civil liberties and brutal killings of civilians?

  • He is just saying rubbish.

  • And what future exactly is he referring to?

  • Tiudzei akamuuraya kwete ngano idzo

  • So the prophet saw blanks regarding the 1980 to 1987 Gukurahundi genocide?

    This general is stupid. Trying to disguise his interventionist future plans as Tongo’s prophecies. What an arsehole.

  • He however did not foresee the misery most zimbos are facing. I don’t buy the notation that he was a prophet although I strongly believe that he was a great freedom fighter.

  • General Dr Constantino Chiwenga? Isn’t it the same like Cde Mr Robert Mugabe?

  • Why did they kill him for?.Is it because he was more popular than Mugabe OR he was an obstacle for those who had a motive of stealing and looting at heart.

  • Fokofo mhani ndiwe ungadai wakatobata ka small family ikako hostage kare wakabvuta masimba. But the way you relax shows that you birds of the same feathers. Uri zidununu kiti ine muswe werata.

  • Inga zvakaoma. Chiwenga anotaura nonsense haikona

  • Mandiitawet Mnangagwa

    If he was so prophetic why did he travel in the car in which he would be involved in a fatal car accident. If he was prophetic why did he not realize that Zimbabwe would fair better with a delayed independence rather than in the hands of Robert Mugabe. Or why did he not eliminate Mugabe?

  • He part of the deal people don’t be fooled

  • Did he foresee this??