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VIDEO: Peter Ndlovu asks for a Diplomatic Passport – ZAA 2016

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  • okay

  • He deserve it

  • He wants to join Elliot Mujaji & Kirsty Coventry who were rewarded for their sporting achievements.

  • These are our heroes lets honour them whilst still alive

  • He deserve it.

  • zimba ngoma

    that shud have been given to him a long time ago no questions asked

  • I thought he has it already.

  • All the best,you deserve it.

  • kirumidzai kumupa murume akadadisa kuafcon uyo.Captain fantastic

  • kungoti munyika medu magamba ndeakabata pfuti vakashandawo zvinodadisa pakasimudzwa mureza havaoneki inga zvakaomawo .

  • Hezvo! Ko angaasina? Ngaapiwhe, he deserves it

  • Ngavamupe

  • Yeee Peter bantu

  • A hero of our generation he deserved more than this ,l hope they won’t talk about going to war

  • Peter deserve it

  • Give him the passport, he deserves it. Long live legend.

  • haibhoo

  • Huya utore,..

  • Its really surprising to hear peter asking for diplomatic passport this time after all that he has done for our country. Our government should have given him way back in the early 1990s. Is it because peter comes from the wrong region of the country or belongs to the wrong tribe or his upbringing was associated with a wrong team. I’m at a loss as to why our authorities in sport and politics could not see the great contributions made by this man towards the sport of soccer in Zimbabwe.

  • Mupei fast

  • He deserve it!!He did a lot for his country

  • wotoona Chinoz ane Diplomatic passport our sporting hero Peter Ndlovu asina wobva watoziva kuti chinyika chisina order chinongofuma chichiti mari yagadzirwa pa bond paper is 1-1 ne $US

  • He deserve it!!

  • Mupei

  • Mutonga munhuwo veduwe mupei ,I like this guy from Binga ,wakasimudzira rwudzi rwedu rwe chitopa pambilini mwana wakulindiswa.

  • Poor Peter now he has to beg for it yet he deserves it I wonder why he never had one after all he has done for the country ,some things though hayi a !

  • They should give him l thought he got it already.

  • #DiplomaticPassport4PeterNdlovuNOW

  • Johari

    Peter is a national hero. I wonder why he dies not have a diplomatic passport already.

  • why not? he was to be given that diplomatic passport way back, just like kirsty coventry akapihwa farm ne diplomatic passport kare wani

  • haaaa zvekunyepa izvo peter arikudya mari yake mashaya nyaya here imi

  • Mupei nemari yakapihwa ma warvet iya ngaapihwe futi

  • he deserves it

  • just give him no questions to ask

  • neniwo ndoidawo

  • he deserve it

  • Ndomufarira zvekut mupei

  • He didn’t have one??

  • He deserves it wy not he servrd the country much more than politicians who lowerin our flag down. Pter unekodzero dzekuwana Dp

  • Asiyanei na kerst covertry anayo wani

  • i think his ryt besides ane maintenance yakawanda yakubhadhara saka that will also help

  • It’s long overdue

  • i thought he will say to be a ZIFA president to lure the cooperate world and support sport look at kalusha he had turned Zambia to be better football country .what abt tennis black brothers did they got diplomats passports .

  • Mupei kani and he must be given again the freedom of the cities in Hre and Byo.

  • chinyika ichi- Kana Mugabe aine Diplomatic passport Peter anoishaya how. Sunkuzonke is better than Mugabe

  • The only subject on which all Shonas agree with all Ndebeles. I see him as a symbol of unity for Zimbabwe. A Dip. passport befits ths true ambassador of ours.

  • He deserves it, i thought he has it already.

  • Peter deserves a diplomatic passport

  • This is very painful. Peter worked hard for our Country. Why should he ask first. He deserves to be honoured , and deserves more than just a diplomatic passport.

  • Neniwo ndiri kuidawo

  • Peter Ndlovu ndi mdhara…Vakatifadza kazhinji vakuru ava…Hurumende please tifadzireiwo mdhara Peter sokutifadza kwavakambotiita pamazuva avo…#Grant Peter Ndlovu A Diplomatic Passport.

  • Well deserved.Give that man 2 diplomatic passports.

  • Nsukuzonke the great

  • If Bona has it,who hasn’t done zilch for Zimbabwe but milk her,Peter’s whole family should have

  • You deserve it boy; its not a matter of asking.



  • he should have received it long back

  • It’s just because someone, somewhere is sleeping on duty a superstar like Peter deserve more than that.

  • You are Africa ambassador of football among the best exported footballers you deserve it.

  • If i was in the office of those passports i was going to fire myself for nt doing my job you derserve it Mkoma

  • Manje naana Tobaiwa. Hahaha

  • Give him pliz

  • I thought he had it already why is Tobaiwa Mudede giving Diplomatic passports to murderers and not heroes like Nsukuzonke ?

  • He wont get it coz hes Ndebele.Theyd rather give it to the Kirsty Coventrys of this world

  • u deserve it brother

  • He deserve it

  • A diplomatic passport is given to someone who works for the govt on foreign missions.It can also be given to an individual as at honour.You can not demand a diplomatic passport.

  • He has done great things for this country.he has taken our flag high than most people.cant think of anyone who deserves it more than him

  • he was supposed to have it longbek wat happenned he deserved it coz Kirsty got one

  • Dzakadhomorwa brain ne mahure idzi,kuda nyoro 2 mch

  • Saka vanhu vane mari vakapusawo kudai ?.

  • Hw come u didn’t have it? Man u did a lot better than Chinoz n friends. U even deserve it more than the Professor himself. Mudede must be jailed for this.

  • deserveed diplomatic passport for sure

  • Its too late why was hs management not tabling it long back.Did he win even an continental title for Zim? Kirsty won gold lots of times.Where is he hiding?

  • Ko kunge kusvuvukanya muromo chiizve akazvimba musoro zve

  • Aphiri anabwera


  • Gud peter.

  • Yes……….he deserve.