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VIDEO: Freeman endorsing Silent Killer (The Zimbabwean truck hijacker in South Africa)

  • I think he wasn’t aware of the real silent killer

  • Really? I thot this guy was jus singing about good biznes ethics & decided to embrace popular name lyk Silent whatever!

  • Freeman is no detective he was just giving props to someone who’s done well in business. (though it’s now being proven otherwise

  • MissIvysLastSon

    he should have done his research before engaging, kukara mari nekusashandisa pfungwa


  • Watched this video hmmmmm,

  • Crystal akaimbawo futi wani

  • Silent killer for real

  • Mbavha zvayo

  • Benso Benson Musekiwa

  • I thought someone will update us kuti zvavakasungwa zvakazodii coz nyaya iyi ndeya 2014

    • Mambinga

      I like people who think the way you do- you have distinguished yourself from the rest.

  • ko freeman ndiye akaba here ingotaura nyaya yako chete usina kuisa vamwe mkati

  • Emru Kunanti

    Ma artist edu anonyanya kukara mari kunge mahure. Havanei kuti yabvepi…

  • Maybe he did not know

  • @realfreemanHKD

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  • Silent killer was endorsed by Jah Prayzah as well on his song pungwe kusvika kwati ngwee. Arikufaisa madhiri ake and I don’t see why people will try bring down another Zimbo. Legal or illegal he is a hustler

    • Can I see thts is where we buy beers here iwe tonde there by boothes

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  • Top number please mutiudzewo kana muchifaya ma vid in our hood

  • This silent killer of yo,s is in jail as we speak, ,he was caught some couple of days ago, ,hijecking trucks,,,

  • “Alleged” truck stealer. He hasn’t been convicted…..