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VIDEO: Walter Magaya appeared at the Harare Magistrates courts for his routine remand

  • Its a shame for Magaya. He is spending more time in courts instead of preaching

  • Ko macharges haana kudropiwa here?

  • These people they just want to drag the case on and on in the hope of assassinating the character of the Prophet but GOD is watching, HE protects HIS own, HE is a good GOD.

  • Ther is no smoke without fire vanhu vamwari, let the relevant authorities do their work who r u to judge? we kno monoda Papa Or watever u call him but sei vamwe vasiri ku facer ma allegations akadarowo, mwari vakuwanirei nyasha.

  • I am confused with this case cause every bail conditions is strictly stay away from the complainant , and once u violated the bail conditions u are likely to be cancelled ur bail and straight kolitamo .So how did prophet spoke to the complainant for her to with draw the case on allegations of the threat of her life .because if she could have reported threat to kill it was going to be again 10year provide circumstantial evidence .what of this one ? Who was threatening who ? Ko prophet vadii kungo mirira kunzwa kuty kuchanzi chii because vaka nhanya Satan haamanye naye

  • magaya yu are prophet dont worry even Jesus was crucified for nothing I guess yu are following Jesus footsteps hahaha

  • Regedzayi magaya mhanhi

  • Nice your headline leaves out ‘PROPHET’.Magaya is no prophet. He is a magician. In fact during cross examination just to spice the trial prosecutors should ask him source of his power and why he invites people like Killer T for his praise and worship sessions. It will be very interesting. Dont fear the man . He is as empty as a tin.or bucket. In that process you assist multitudes who have been sold dummies by his church.

  • uchenjere kuteera gumbura

  • Wamuwawarira sure