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“I experienced horror in the hands of the traffic police” – (VIDEO)

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  • mapurisa eku zim akaregererwa too much

  • Inzara inowadaro just forgive them God is watching…

    • Forgiving and forgetting are non starters, Mugabe nembavha dzake need dealing with ASAP.

  • Yah vakaregarerwa too much , they are very abusive ,,,

  • Ma1zim yedu iii

  • these cops hv become more dangerous since bond note was introduced!


  • r-e-v-o-l-u-t-i-o-n, is when people act to free themselves from a tyrannic govt.

  • those pple are ruthless very have bn handcuff for the first time for traffic offense

  • Ahhh shame Gwezere, sorry bro, nxaaa, i went with this guy kuHyXul. Bho munhu, he didn’t deserve this type of treatment. Seni zvangu forgive me but my heart hates traffic police zvisiri normal

  • ko shirt yaita sei. zvakaonma. mazimbo pane nyaya.