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I am not ashamed of the gospel I preach – “Prophet of Doom” – Video

  • hmmm Mr Doom ka

  • Mr doom will be arrested by tiger security brands they take mr doom prophet to mental ill check up before they put him in custody doom prophet under hot water with Church council of South Africa today as well

  • Doom prophet– ahh

  • Becoz u re not a prophet

  • Yeboo…yu must nt b ashamed coz u are nt a preacher at all…yu are a deceiver period who has #Doomed innocent pple…shame!!!

  • U need a shambook mr doom because u are a prophet of doom

  • u are nt ashamed bcz u are mentally unstable including yo church members.puma puma satani puuma.

  • Members must learn to pray for themselves otherwise will be sprayed instead of being prayed for

  • Kkkkkooooko aaaaaaaah pple shld learn to trust and only believe God

  • I’m not surprised,because you are sick and thick if not inhuman, no wonder why you don’t think your act is nothing but bang out of order

  • of course he is not he didn’t write, so why not preach to those who don’t you understand #Sheep #theshepard #LALIVE #religion