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US election: Outrage as TB Joshua ‘blames’ God for failed prophecy (VIDEO)

Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua, has further clarified on his controversial prophecy regarding who would win the last November 8 Presidential election in the US. In the latest video on his church’s Facebook page, TB Joshua Ministries, Joshua explained that following his prophesy before the election, some concerned Americans went into deep prayers and fastings, which prompted God to hearken to their voice, thereby reversing Hillary Clinton’s win.

  • A liar is a liar just accept that

  • ok go ahead nd blam God .but one thing fo shoo God is not a fool evrythng dat is in the dark shall be broght to light .

  • Thats false prophecy

  • True or false

  • Let the devil advertise you for free Senior Prophet TB Joshua, we have nehanda here which reports biased news like Herald when they hate you they mean hatred . Long leave senior prophet TB Joshua l love you my mentor . Veshanje negodo vanotsvaga chakashata chanhasi vasingaone zvakanaka zvinoitwa .

    • Utori tsvimbo yemunhu nhai.

    • Nzimwe njere ungati dzakasesereswa

    • ameno zvenyu asi muruda chiii mwari achikuratidzai zviri pashena kuti vanhu rudzi ava adi muri dat stupit God dsnt lije stupit educated fools kydara vachinyepa vanhu ava mukai manhii

  • Pants on fire……

  • Very stupid. I said it that he wil dupe his followers with some twisted biblical rhetorics!! Anyone stil following TB Joshua need to make a quick appointment with a pshychologist fr a mental evaluation! Certainly smthing is terribly wrong with their minds. Mayb TB Joshua hve hypnotized them.

  • Kkkkk

  • God is now exposing satanic prophets. He deliberately did that to expose those who abuse jesus’ name yet they use dark sources of power. A true prophesy frm God should be accurate. His hands are bloody. Look at 110 pipo he killed in his backyard. Magaya eliminated 11 already, is raping rapidly, killed exlover in Bots,threatened to kill another he raped recently to force legal withdrawal…God will expose him like his father TB Joshua

  • It show Tb Joshua is a true prophet kkkk very concerned about his downfall shame on you

    • Fred Moyo

      True prophet, my foot kkkkk!! Do you know what a true prophet is???

  • TB Joshua haana mhosva,the people who believe all the bullshit he dishes out as Prophesy !!

  • Dont worry t.b. I love your ministry you are put there by the father the son the holy spirit stay blessed continue your ministry stay blessed.

  • In the last days ther will be True prophets……..

    No there is something wrong abt my statement…
    Anyone to correct it….

  • Kkkk. Mafia ava ma1

  • A true prophesy will always come to pass,,regardless of situation thereof. This is why it’s called a prophesy ( seeing the future) So the God I know is faithful and truthful, God gives visions to his people so that His faithfullness may be known to all He will never change for He is not a man. This prophesy did not come from God so he must stop fooling the world. If at all that prophesy was going to be “reversed” he was going to be “advised” accordingly I surely think so,,, Our God is faithful and truthful.

  • The True God doesn’t work that way

  • ma prophets emu Tv aya achatinetsa

  • vakapusa chete ndivo vanotevera manyepo, sorry kwa sorry kutevera munhu anonyepa zviripachena kudai

  • Christians are not like muslims,they dont respect their prophets like muslims,but this is against Gods’ will.Prophet TB Joshua is a true prophet,for him to mis a phophecy it does not mean that is a false prophet.Even in the bible this had happened,400 prophets had missed prophecy,only one got it correct.So christians lets respect our prophets, God wil lift us up higher and higher.

  • Who was perceived to be more dangerous between Trump and Hillary Clinton

  • I see truth in him so as for you I don’t what you want n I do as I want until jesus Christ comes .

  • Then in other words u mean God wasn’t true from begging U are making him a liar. He knew who wild win He knew Concerned Americans wild pray even before the elections so what do u really mean. God never lies bro that basically shows u were not called of God

  • Africa is blessed with Prophets and Poverty.😫😫😫

  • He is a confused cocrouch false prophet

  • Unotonzwa some Miscreant ichiti ,Man of God wakagadzwa naThe Almighty Jehovha as if aive akagara naMwari achiita Ordain TB Joshua or maybe akaona Certificate from the Almighty riina TB Joshua to prove hes truly a man of God.Please just support him thats fine but don’t say wat yu don’t know cz tikada kutarisa all that has happened around TB Joshua,it shows something else !!!!

  • This man is accusing God ?Shameless sinner ,this man has now blamed every body and he has gutts to blame the all might he’s going to burn

  • False

  • chokwadi ndozvo Tb does not know anything about who will rule america but he knows verses and chapters

  • Kklkkkkkk muchinda

  • This is a clear indication that he is one of the false prophets mentioned in the bible.

  • Isn’t Nehanda a name of an idol..?????

  • a profesy does not require ‘clarification’, and another “further clarification”. Clarifications only happen in propaganda institutions like dictatorship politics, fake churches, wolves’ pastors, etc

  • I love u prophet TB Joshua.

  • Hillary the winner simbi huru dzirema se goridhe t.b joshua

  • Vachaonekwa nezvibereko.

  • Anopenga uyo…. God wanted the world to see kuti type iyi hainankutumwa neni.. simple.. zvekupa ma excuses kuzama kuchengetedza those who believed in him at first…I gues he managed well…coz I see they are happy he found an “acceptable” ecxcuse

  • He first lied about the disappeared flight mh370 that it was going to be discovered and now he wants to lie about US elections shame on him

  • A liar

  • T.b ukasairapisa inouraya

  • This bomboclaat is full of crap

  • Kunyepa

  • Photocopy TB Joshua not real

  • Anenge akutopenga uyu


  • we can’t blame him coz he got his own God !

  • That is true prayer changes anything , a prophet tells it as he sees it & the final say cmes from Jehovah. A prophet can see smone going into an accident & tell that person to pray agnst it wich means prayer & fasting has power to change the outcome.

    • you are crazy God is God coz he never lies

  • uuuu your lies are too much

  • Let the devil advertise you for free Senior Prophet TB Joshua, last night less than an hour iwewe wenehanda you posted the same post and this morning watumira futi as if news dzapera majaira kuwana news painternet usinga pinde muvanhu sezvinoitwa ne Newsday. Onething about nehanda its like Herald vanoswerera munhu one when they hate you they mean hatred. But let me tell you something you editor God is watching you on trying to touch His servant . You need Jesus my dear . You cannot measure zvinhu zvemweya with your corrupted spirit . Recieve Jesus the end is near .

  • Fred Moyo

    TB Joshua was very clear that the NEXT PRESIDENT OF US WILL BE A WOMAN. He did not mince his words. HE was very clear.

  • Fred Moyo

    Why did they delete that ‘prophecy’?

  • Bishop Moses Tsvimbo wakadyiswa TB J

  • But he said his prophecy was Hillary was going to win the popular vote now he is twisting and turning doing more harm than good HYPOCRITE!!!!!! I pity those that believe in him


    God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should
    change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not
    fulfill?-Number 23:19

    If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place
    or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet
    has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.-Deuteronomy 18:22

  • Of which God would have foreseen the whole event , That’s y a true prophecy is hard to except coz God would have calculated all the variables leading to the final event. Thats the funny part of the almighty he knows when and where we will change our m

  • ind.

  • Saka Mwari wacho akadii kumuudza futi kuti ndakuchinja zvandakuudza

  • God does not lie Tb Joshua but you lied to your church.feel sorry people are been brainwashed by this fake miracles

    • It’s a shame people are following his prophecy when it’s all lies

  • The devel misled you Joshua, just humble yourself and repent God will forgive you

  • Outrage !!!!!! You get will more. Thats how devil.operates. He is nice when you start a relationship with him. With time he will dump you and you have unbearable regrets. Devil is unlike God. When God says lets go., he goes with you and never abandonds you. TB Joshua I beg you to repent time has not run out. I will be glad to meet you in heaven soon since we are almost the same age and we should learn to number our days.

  • Aaaaaah!!!

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • He blame “the gods”

  • It’s a shame sure

  • I Wish God should open your eyes and see what is in the spirit.

  • TWISTING AND TWISTING !!!! You can TWIST man but not God.

  • Well said,,Hwingwiri

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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