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MAID FROM HELL – House maid secretly filmed assaulting a child in Kenya

  • Stupid idiots fools. The one who is filming this should also rot in jail. Why filming instead of kubata muroyi uyo assaulting an innocent child nxaaaa.

    • Chenzo

      no it will be a camera planted in the house without knowledge of the maid, its not like someone was filming

      • Qwin bhichi waMHOFU

        There’s clearly someone recording this. You can see the child looking at the camera as if to say “help!”. Maid is also looking at the camera looking all smug & sh*t.

  • Where do u get these girls?

  • I couldn’t stomach watching the entire video…who is recording this???and why is this maid comfortable with this person recording her abuse this child…do the parents of this child know what’s happening to their child?! Social Media is not just to pass around videos and read commentaries…please whoever published this be responsible enough to also fwd to authorities who can step in! This poor child could still be in the care of these people!

    • Qwin bhichi waMHOFU

      I couldn’t finish watching it either. Stuff like this makes me cry.

  • Chantelle Green-Thompson

  • I dnt think this was secretly filmed , the camera was moving some demonic , evil counterpart was filming the evil act ,,,, l hope she faces the music ..

  • Fake video.

  • chipo chirorwa

    Takamirira imwe picture yake ava sober manje.

  • I’m not a killer but I dare you if that was my son she was going to be my 1st victim. Imimi ana Mai vechidiki you are to blame for this because you just hire strangers to look after your kids because of your so called carriers but munoomesera vana. Zvirinani kuendesa Mwana kwagogo panekusiya mwana nema agent asatan akadai….. 😡😡😡

  • Guys what happened next

  • y r u saying secretly filmed yt both th child n the maid r clearly looking to th camera

    • it may mean the person was pretending to be using their phone yet recording the assault, if maid didn’t know then it qualifies as secretly recorded, mayb she pretended to b pa app achirecoder

  • This video yakanetsa last year,admin wakasara!!!

  • Some one was filming this they both need to be jailed this is evil

  • can u send me the video on 0027712568118

  • Ngelethu Mange akuzobona

  • Speechless am shaking🙉

  • Lo ngiyamesaba Princess Qhawekazi Ncube .Ngizwa umzimba uqubuka usesaba

  • But this baby is looking at the camera …

  • You are going to hell

  • Uyo musatanist musikana vanowana mwana amwiwa ropa

  • thats more than lucifer…am shaking!

  • uyuu hauzi kutsinye..huroyi chaiwo..kana achikunetsa kuchengeta mwana wacho ibva wasiya basa racho

  • Ngavamusungise

  • Not real

  • uyu ndiye nuroyi wemunhu uyu😢😢 i’m hurt!

  • umm dat maid she have got tonnes of demons how can she slap that toddler lyk that….to hell with that maid

  • Anotyisa maid uyu ndarwadziwa moyo urikutorwadza zvakoma

  • how can someone be soo cruel

  • Inenge ngomwa yawana basa

  • pakadai ndouraya munhu

  • When was this? i remember this video about two years ago, Nehanda please some of your stories you really cook them , you are no longer a reliable source of information. lies

  • M not watching this after thatone yeku Uganda ts still haunting me

  • this child doesn’t act like he’s been assaulted.kunyepa.


    • I don’t know about “sounding heartless”.a

    • but i know I’m not stupid

    • Qwin bhichi waMHOFU

      When you beat a child regularly. They develop a high threshold for pain. Hence the word nhinhi

    • I like your observation

  • Kunyepa uko…mwana haasi kurohwa uko nehanda washaya nyaya here? If tt child was being been he wld be crying out fo hlp

  • We are not fools my dear your video is fake.

    • Qwin bhichi waMHOFU

      Your name says it all.

  • Qwin bhichi waMHOFU

    I am sooo angry right now. Poor baby aaaaaw. Someone needs to beat the living daylights out of the abuser and the one recording. That little boy is cute and doesn’t deserve this! No child does!!!!

  • gaddinee waqayyo gumaa saba keenyaa haa baasu!!

  • Its not real there was someone who was taking the video, the child is constantly looking at the camera person and sometimes shaking, showing someone is holding it.

  • Oh dear couldn’t finish watching that crying voice it’s so disturbing even with my children I don’t want that type of crying it upsets me.

  • Muroyi uyo sataniiiiiiiii

  • Its refusing to load

  • Tengoliweta Karehaagarearikare

    Maid anofanira kudimburwa mako ese ari 2, obva atushurwa maziso ese ari 2, obva anovharirwa mujere revarume vega vakapara mhosva dzekubhinya nekuponda. Ndiko kutonga kwangu ini mambo Tengoliweta.

  • terminator

    so the moving camera was planted where on a fly or on a drone……. whata load of crap this is acting

  • This is horrible..Plz dont watch

  • bona pombiyatyoka

    mnangagwa is filming