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Zimbabwe wants to sell its ivory and rhino horns: Oppah Muchinguri (Video)

  • Plundering from diamonds to ivory. I dont know whats next in line. @UnitedZim @263Chat

  • Next time they will sell soil and mountain as they are selling roads and railway line

  • Kenya is burning ivory to discourage poaching & these lazy bastards are doing the opposite.

  • Zim sucks yaparara #the_endgame

  • Yes we need to sell its a very good idea

  • And the money wil disappear so need to tel us

  • And pliz pay da teacher n nurses with dat money

  • Hahahaha–if yeu eat the meat, how come ignore the sales? Let do business please

  • … the poachers so that they get amnesty?

  • Now there is nothing to bring forth money. Money is just being collected and no one knows where it’s going. I still remember in the old days when they created NSSA then Aids Levy. As if it was not enough vehicle car licence was introduced. Where on earth???. Diamonds came into the picture and they were more questions than answers. ZRP not to be outdone they introduced roadblock 3km apart. Zimra Zesa Zinwa they all joined the que for worst. Now it’s Oppah with the ivory. Only God knows what will happen

  • Kuti mudye mari

  • im the buyer

  • Ana gogo Oppah muchatiudzeiko …endai munorima kumaprazi

  • diamond rakapera makutsvaga zvimwe

  • Matigari

    Not while Mugabe is in power.

  • beyond those mountains manica valley their is mushroom african village they liva a proper african girl she’s like an angel sent for me heeheehee oppah oppah . u things chinese people xan pay you ?? zanu pf poachers

  • This is the end…

  • lina masela

  • Makambotanga nhasi ere tengesai muhlre mudye mari dzenyu

  • To buy with that money. To steal it most definitely

  • Akuda kutobawo Oppah

  • You want to steal it again

  • But the sale of the horns won’t accumulate 15 billion

  • For ZANU pf only not for Zimbabweans nxaaaaaaaaaa

  • Vapiwo ava vakashandiswa naGrace kwakudumpwa heey mahure emuZanu anomboitisana wena

  • Nyika yemapenzi