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Don’t Tell me not to talk about Zimbabwe because I’m in the diaspora – Rutendo Matinyarare (Video)

  • I honestly don’t have time for this guy anymore. I am quite a lot out there dont às well

  • Go and fights for righteous right of you future and the future of your child

  • He has so much pride but brainless

  • I was about to comment with a “preach it brother” till i listened to it full on…..mish-mash of reasoning that is completely difficult to understand the exact Point,…stick to the script,..moving on…!

  • Biggest stupid I ever see talking talking talking handiti wakatiza nhamo.

  • ,u can talk but it doesn’t count so rather fuck the shut up

  • Matigari

    This dude is a proper twat. He is impevious to the simple logic that you cannot run away from poverty and then exalt the architects of that said poverty. Its as simple as that, taking it any other way is either disingenous or a symptom of mental disfunction.

  • At least no one, even you dont, needs, your approach because there is a lot of discrepancies in it

  • Hatitaure nengochani isu nxaa

  • Hatitaure nengochani isu nxaa

  • Hezvooo ,zingochani zimbwa iri

  • Aaagosh

  • ruza


  • Wakapasa grade 1 here? Kana l kuti amai vako vaizivana naHeadmaster ndosaka wakanzi uyende grade 2

  • LadyKris Tina

  • Munashe Runoona

    What is this all about again?