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VIDEO: Zimbabweans turn to satire to protest against Robert Mugabe – #Aljazeera

Anti-government protests in Zimbabwe have taken a new form. People are using political satire to speak out against corruption, unemployment and bad governance. Al Jazeera’s Haru Mutasa reports from Harare.

  • Saviour Kasukuwere, Minister of Local Government, former Minister of Indigenization and ZANU PF Political Commissar is not only a multi millionaire by looting and deceit but a money laundering criminal who has been externalising funds from Zimbabwe government using his company COMTRANS SA (Pty) Ltd as a conduit, which is registered in South Africa, registration number 2001/007 689/07, I can reveal. Company physical Address is 183 Leith Road, Bartlett. P.O Box 789 Kempton Park 1620, Johannesburg, SA. The company telephone numbers are 00271186225/44/24 Evidence at hand is that millions of dollars have been externalised fraudulently from Zimbabwe through COMTRANS SA (Pty), this might have contributed to cash shortage in Zimbabwe as the money externalised was in US$ hard currency. How Saviour Kasukuwere a pro-indigenization ZANU PF Political Commissar would have ended up investing in South Africa when his companies in Zimbabwe are crumbling with cash shortage is a case of concern. Added to that is the high unemployment rate in Zimbabwe both within his own ZANU PF and ordinary Zimbabwean youth but he choice to externalise funds and create employment in a foreign land is hypocrisy of patriotism at its worst. The petition now before UK parliament of the Saviour Kasukuwere is being justified every day, add that to the planned demo of his corruption by the ZANU PF youth which I have no appetite for, then I rest my case. My office has also in possession of the names of management and their contact numbers here forthwith withheld for legal reasons.