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Transgender Tatelicious Karigambe says “can we also push #Ngochani_Idzi #ThisFlag

  • mdara


  • Kuti zvigozodii?

  • We are all Zimbabwean. We look forward to welcoming you home. How you live your life is your choice. Nobody has to like it but they owe you respect. If your religion causes you to hate, then cut it off!!!!

  • Me

    To hell,demonic son of a beach!

  • Kana tsuro ngauye kana nyoka ngaiuye muzim ino kumba vese saka tinemi mwana wevhu but for now let’s fight this dictator so we create a country that respect every Zimbo regardless of how you look , talk, walk and your way of living as long it’s not criminal or banditry, the new Zimbabwe will be your paradise. This is how I see it don’t know other.

  • Editor weHerald

    unganobvisa mboro shuwa?

    • Tu Pac Shoko

      KKKKKKKK this is not comrade Zvayi

  • No to Sodom and Gomorrah unholy

  • n

    i think no one should argue with your point of view because you are correct in your own way but i have seen a number of #this flag videos and the pastor have dropped one or two verses on these videos meaning that the movement have a christian background. I believe you will be violating the movement’s ideology if you associate its name with #Ngochani_idzi, you should man up (transwoman up) and spearhead your own movement kwete kuda kukwana kwana pausingakwane.

  • *****

    Boyz iri ngarimopaka …

  • Tu Pac Shoko

    Dako rako, tengesa shure yako wakanyarara msatanyoko