I don’t always use condoms although I am HIV positive – Sex worker (Video)

  • @NehandaRadio mmhh it’s terrible

  • Sad

  • pakaipisa

  • More people wl die coz of u

  • @NehandaRadio ummm I danger zone

  • nhamodzenyika

    This presenter is an idiot to call these morons employees, who is the employer?

    • gidza

      I don’t believe in insults. Probabaly the presenter meant the service receiver was the employer. But women’s safety campaigners should advocate for these women who are being abused by some cruel men who are forcing to sleep with them. This kind of acts are insults to all victims. Women ‘s safety campaigners should blast the cruel behaviour by these callous men. They should be reported and go to jail for forcing women to sleep with them against their will. And the sentences they give them should reflect the crimes committed. Men who abuse women should feel the consequences of what they have done

      • nhamodzenyika

        Gidza go and be politically correct outside, prostitution is not a profession, if they want to make money using their bodies, there are industries for that. Spreading diseases just cause you are poor is a sorry excuse indeed. These women aren’t being abused or forced into such dangerous activities, its a choice. Just as when you decide to go and steal.