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Video claims to expose Prophet Uebert Angel

  • Mara

    Yes dummy, they are electrified by the anointing. God find a job

    • Pineal Gland

      You really can’t be serious my friend…how old are you?..How can you be so gullible and be led to believe in such bullshit…come on God gave you brains to use them…go ahead use them it’s free..!

  • Biblereader

    Uebert Angel uses a demonic spirit called kundalini. What you are seeing there is a kundalini awakening used by Hindus who worship elephants & all sorts of deities. The Holy Spirit never causes anyone to lose control.The Bible does not teach that when people receive the anointing they feel electricity. Read your Bibles Jesus Christ is coming soon.

    • wamba

      you have never been touched by the power of God thats why you say so

      • mary

        That power is not of Jesus Christ. That is straight up kundalini. Watch Indian hindu gurus do the same thing uebert angel mudazaniri does. Show me in the bible where people fell under the annointing. Jesus was the Annointed One & yet bible never teaches people fell under the annointing but you mean to tell me mere mortal mudazaniri angel has more annointing? Let the word of God in Holy Scripture the truth prevail & anyone teaching false gospel be a liar & be exposed as a lie from the pit of hell. Scriptures teach if you blaspheme the Holy Spirit that is an unpardonable sin.

  • lamsig07

    I wish I had enough time to go line by line against what the fool who made this video missed. Anyway, the blind shall be led by the blind