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Jacob Zuma is not intelligent – Primary School Kids

In this citizen video sent to Nehanda TV watch these primary school kids give their brutal assessment of South African president Jacob Zuma and the controversy over upgrades to his Nkandla home.

  • Baba Jukwa Junior

    Dead laughing for days

  • Gertrude Mutikane

    I like this boy, he is very intelligent, why break it when it was built by our own money, tax money

    • Kwanele Ngobese

      thats a beautiful girl…

  • RafSeks

    lol…another Malema in the making.

  • Kwanele Ngobese

    love how they reason… SA looks bright

  • musa

    the inquisitor sounds zimbabwean

    • Gaa

      true,Accent is definately Zimbo

      • Fred Moyo

        KKK bring another Cheya

  • Tupac

    this kid is super intelligent, he can actually spell out the amount that was inveted in Nkdla better than Zuma himself

  • Malcolm X

    Eish the interviewer must be from some where between the border of zimbabwe And mozambique , accent is heavy as lead. Maybe kamutsenzere or mukumbura definitely not southern or matebeleland zimbabwe!