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Makandiwa ‘belly-fat miracle’ woman speaks out (Video)

  • jo

    hanzi “i was actually from kwekwe ” is she from kwekwe or he had visited kwekwe during the week? they dont show us her belly in this video and am sure you can tell that she never lost weight chidumu can be seen akagara

  • maserious

    The husband looks very interested in the goings ons.

  • Wiseman Munhenga

    I am not a member of that church but I just feel its bad for newspapers to make sales of their paper at the expense of defaming someone’s name. After all, I took interest to take a close look at the purportedly “fake miracle” video, I reckon the publishers of that video has a secrete evil agenda against Makandiwa. I didn’t see the purportedly balloon. Guys, I repeat I don’t belong to that church nor do I have any sympathy of any sort towards it, but I think its very wrong to have a hatred especially to those things that we don’t have any proof of their evilness.Let alone these people, you never know, they may be genuinely used by God but just because you don’t understand them,lets not tarnish their image least we offend God whom their maybe honestly serving.

  • Varaidzo

    Thank you so much Mr and Mrs Muza for your testimony, maita henyu. To Zimeye and all who had believed otherwise, I hope mazvionera. Jo, while we can see chidumbu akagara, how much more testimony do you want on top of what she herself says?

    • gman

      Honai chidumbu icho.Why do people play with gods name.Vanhu vatengwa namakandiwa kuti vaite public relations avo.Vanhu vari kuenda kuchurch yaMakandiwa iyoyo makapusa sterek.Whats changing in your lives by going to that church apart from kusiya mari dzenyu ikoko.

  • johari1981

    Hapana zvataurwa apa mukadzi nemurume uyu vakapuwa mari kuti vataure apa. Sei asina kutiratidza dumbu racho rakarapwa? Vanyepi muchatsva zvenyu nemoto kuGehena!

  • Mai Manu

    Haha.. Why is she only mentioning the cervical issues now???

  • Tatenda

    If God is all powerful as we perceive Him to be, why does he need to perform such silly miracles abt weight lose, is it not that He has other greater things to crack his head with. And He can perform far greater miracles than this if His aim was to make people believe. Ability to burn down Sodom and Gomorrah and now He is doing belly miracles, what has happened to this God?