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Leaked Video: Pah Chihera crying for boyfriend to forgive her

  • freedom_fighter

    This personal and private we do not need to see this

    • ndezvako

      you and whom! you dont need to see this. we do. pathetic! in this day in age. were a pretty girl like chihera begs for forgiveness. utter rubish. and the humiliation. kudos to new zim. totoswera tichshaya hope ne ma bhebhi anotonetsekana wo!!!

    • Twomen Tooamaizing

      kana uchiti we uri kureva ani nani

    • kiki

      yah we dont need it…true that

  • One day, Zimbabwean girls are going to realise that it is not in their interests to treat random dudes like their husband and make an embarrassing spectacle of themselves like this.


    Sorry hake, lets hope Victor Gives her the second chance and hope it works. GOOD LUCK!

  • Seda

    I just wish everyone would realise that its nt in their interest or anyones to talk to their exes, these are the bitter results. if u gona make tym for an ex, hw do u expect the person u are dating to feel. just hope you are forgiven but honestly i doubt if u change. chiii changa chamboita qt mutaure mese in the first place. in my on two rand opinion, i think u are sorry coz wakabatwa chete athawise if it were not for tht u wldnt be apologising

  • dusty

    come here pah chihera life goes on

  • Twomen Tooamaizing
  • Emru Kunanti

    Ndirwo rudo, ndozvinoita rudo…..

  • Bla Kevaz

    Shame, Victor – munzwisise shamari..

  • MamboKing

    Victor ndiye aitisa “Leak” video. Usadaro Victor, nhasi haagari ari nhasi, mangwana ndiwewo

  • MissT

    I hope you get a second chance my love. At least you have admitted you are wrong . And its ok to cry ; stay strong . We all been there , filled a bucket with tears but stay positive .

  • jay

    saka zvine basa rei?

  • Ngwena Mutasa

    Whether second or third chance that doesn’t change health status ya Victor iyeye. If he thinks ndiri kungo taura let him go and get tested for HIV. Muhure uyu akatesta positive in 2009. This Ronie guy waari kuti haachataura naye futi is actually a boyfriend ya Sisi vake vanonzi Beaular. This Bitch Beaular akasiya murume ku Dubai in jail after she was assaulted for cheating him with this Roni guy. So Pamhidzai Mbirimi uyu has been instrumental in her sister’s illegal relationship, when in fact she knew kuti Beaular ane muchato.

  • Tinashe53

    Now someone will need to be a gentleman about it.

  • slim|c

    ngaatende kuti at least it’s not a leaked sex video….

  • kiki

    its good to ask for forgiveness when u are wrong and loving your boyfriend…but this information is personal…you dont need to indulge into someone`s privacy…its not formal

  • MsMurumeAnei

    Soooooo awkward!!!!