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Truck swept away at flooded bridge (Video)

Here is a tragic example of what happened when a Zimbabwean truck driver tried to cross a flooded bridge.

  • Dr.Bathing Problem

    He is a fool

  • Ben

    Its bizarre.How on earth can a responsible person perform such a stunt.

  • Vix

    Time is money gentlemen. Lets hope the driver survived.

  • Hurungwe

    Tsaona iyo ndeye kuIndia, not Zimbabwe. Video iyi ndakaiona a year ago. Mr editor can you please inform us kuti zvakaitikira kuwhich part yeZim.

  • MkanyaGP

    The first time I saw this video was in 2010. This definitely did not happen in Zimbabwe

  • Tsotsi#1

    This video was recorded in China during the 2013 floods. Nehanda TV telling lies again

  • waru

    you should give details of where and when this happened. Beef up your story as i have seen this video before way back around 2010 or 2011.